Welcome To The Armory

From a long and perhaps unfinished series of blog posts by Lori Adorable on the experience of shooting for Kink.com, her arrival at the Armory:

“And here we are.” He pulled the truck around the corner of the castle-like Armory and waited for a garage door to open in the back. My eyes widened as we drove inside and came to a stop. “This used to be the drill court. We mostly use it for parking now, but we sometimes shoot for Ultimate Surrender and Naked Kombat in here.”

“Yeah,” I mumbled. “Yeah it looks familiar.” The room was the size of a small arena, nearly twice as large as my college’s main basketball court. The ceiling rose up three stories and at the top level, all around the court if I remember correctly, was a seating balcony. I wondered if it was as old as the rest of the structure, or if they’d added it on later. If this was only used as a drill court, what could the seats have been for? In response my mind conjured up an absurd image: a whole army of WWI-era soldiers marching in lock step, their generals and majors and… whatever other high-up ranks there are, watching them from the balcony while eating popcorn out of old tins. Yeah, I’m sure it was *just* like that, I thought rolling my eyes at myself. My driver had already stepped out and was removing my bag from the back seat when I noticed the hot tub with a neon sign on the side: the scarlet K with a devil’s tail. As I opened the door to the truck I asked, stupidly, “Is that a hot tub?”

“Yes it is.” He smiled.

“Damn. Do you all get to use it?”

“That’s just for the models.”

“Fuck, if I’d known I would have brought a bathing suit.”

“What do you need a bathing suit for?” As soon as he said it I realized he was right.

“I dunno… isn’t it… unsanitary?” I weakly protested. He just laughed and shook his head, and I followed him across the court towards the glow of an open door.

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greeneagle commented on November 25th, 2016 at 11:52 pm:

These hard to find sites are still amazing. It’s nearly 2017 now.

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