Urethral Sounds Kit

Are you a fan of sticking things (that are just a smidgeon too big to fit) into tight little wet holes that aren’t used to having things stuck in ’em?

You know you are. And if so, this set of urethral sounds might be just the toy for you:

Urethra! Everybody has one, not everybody has a toy specifically designed and sized to stick in it

Here’s what The Stockroom has to say about these toys:

The Stretcha Urethral Sounds Kit is a set that includes fourteen different urethral sounding tools that are each 8 inches long. The tools in this set start very small and go all the way through extra large. Called the Stretcha set because you can literally, eventually, stretch the urethra quite a lot. These dilating instruments are constructed from high quality stainless steel, and are great for medical play and urethral stimulation, but not recommended unless under the guidance of a trained expert.

14 urethral sounds total make up this Stretcha Kit, and they range in 14 graduating sizes of instrument that have 2 different sized useable ends. That means you get 28 different sized insertable ends, because every separate device is a 2 in 1. Sizes are from smallest: 1-2, through largest: 25-26 (1mm to 26mm total).

These stainless steel sounds are 8 inches in length and double ended, one end being 1mm larger than the other end. Sized in millimeters of diameter, every instrument has both sizes engraved on it and there are 14 different graduating sizes. Double ended with a general overall slender S shape, each tool is hollow stainless steel and closed ended.

Of course this is only one tiny sample of the vast array of urethral sounds, dilators, and plugs that the Stockroom has to offer.

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