Tying Up Tara

Yet another excerpt from The Green Door:

Tara’s struggles made no progress against Betsy’s full weight pressing her against the wall. Betsy pulled first one arm then the other behind Tara’s back. The strap pulled them together above the elbow. Betsy held Tara by the dripping hair with one hand and grabbed the “glove” with the other. Slipping onto Tara’s arms was quite easy. The straps criss-crossed over her breasts and buckled securely under her armpits. Three more straps attached laterally along the glove. One above the elbows, one below, and a third just above the wrists. Betsy cinched these as far as she could. Tara’s elbows touched within their leather confines. The gag was next. She held it up to Tara’s gaze.

“Forget it Betsy.”

“Oh come now, be a good girl.”

Tara turned her face to the wall. “Fuck you, dear.”

With no hesitation, Betsy spun Tara around, back to the wall, and smiling grabbed a handful of her dark pubic hair. The leather pear slipped easily into Tara’s mouth. The tapering strap was just narrow enough in front to let Tara’s lovely lips protrude over the top and bottom. She moved Tara to face the mirror. Betsy wiped the steam away with her hand. “Now tell me you don’t look lovely.” Tara didn’t say a word. Betsy placed a wide strap around Tara’s waist. A second strap hung from the back of the waist strap, which was threaded through Tara’s crotch and buckled firmly in front. A leash was attached above Tara’s mound, and she was led to Robert in this fashion.

Robert still sat behind his desk. He looked up from his book when the two women entered. “Tara, is that a new outfit?”

“See, I told you he’d like it. Now kneel for him.”

Tara shook her head adamantly. resorting to the pubic hair again, Betsy coaxed her into a kneeling position. She threaded a long strap through the back of Tara’s gag and secured it to a strap at her ankles. Another strap went through the ring at the base of the glove and then around her knees. Tara knelt obediently, her face toward the ceiling.

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