Tickling And Forced Orgasms

I am a big fan of bondage and tickling, but I never thought to put a vibrator in the hand that isn’t doing the tickling. Nice forced orgasm fun! It’s from SapioSlut:

My bondage left him free to find my hot spots and explore what kinds of tickling worked best. I felt the tickling begin, and then all of a sudden there was a spike in intensity and I was trying to yank myself out of the restraints. I almost had one arm free, and I was ready to wrestle, but he strapped that arm back down snugly and proceeded to ramp it up further.

He took it all the way to that this-is-no-longer-fun line, but then he stopped and asked if I was OK. I was, but only because he had paused. I love how he brings his acutely sensitive observation skills into the scene: he notices and responds so that no harm is done – ever. If anything he leaves me wanting more.

His hands were tickling my ribs, tummy, armpits, and the fucking bottoms of my feet! I can deal with most tickling, but my feet are a gateway to I’m going to fucking get away from this whatever way I can. He found another spot like that, just above my right hip, and his fingers kept dipping into it and dialling up the intensity. I was going to get him – but it was all in my head. In reality his other hand grabbed the Fairy Wand, dialled it up and mashed it against my clit.

I didn’t know which was more intense. His free hand danced over my torso, tickling and teasing my skin, while the vibrator ramped up the clit sensations mercilessly. It was a short cut to forced orgasms. He didn’t have to wait for multiple orgasms to overwhelm me because the tickling had already pushed me to that level of intensity. I came, and then I came again, and then he tickled me and vibed me and I came some more.

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One comment on “Tickling And Forced Orgasms”:

nilla commented on December 7th, 2011 at 12:34 pm:

Master is a huge fan of tickling.

unfortunately, i am extremely ticklish. He delights in the screams and giggles and yelps and moans.

The worst is the finger, run ever so slowly, from my heel to between my toes…

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