Gagging Jessica

Monmouth has all the best kinds of fun:

I reached for the pink, girly ball gag she’d brought with her. Sturdy, designed for the kind of ball-gag-fancying fetishist who really wants to make sure the thing stays put no matter the strenuousness of the action. The leather straps closed under the chin as well as at the back of the head.

She put up a token display of resistance when I told her to open wide. Unconvincing. I know just how much she likes the gag. Ms T watched, amused, not entire sure where this was going, but paying close attention.

Once the gag was in, I hogtied Jessica. Her wrists, secured with rope cuffs, tied to her ankles, and then the position was fixed by attaching the wrists and ankles to the knot in the halter between her breasts. This had the pleasing effect of spreading her legs and putting her pussy on explicit display.

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