Rough Anal Sex

Bad Bad Girl wanted some rough play. And she got it:

He released my hair and pushed me back down, instructing me to lay forward, ass up and arms in front of me. I complied as I felt him pushing his cock against my ass. Lube is a luxury, and not one I would be afforded tonight. He entered me roughly, and after a few strokes, told me to kneel back up. I did so, carefully, as so not to disconnect us. At this point, he gathered all of my hair in his hand and told me to lean forward again.

I did so slowly, cautiously as to not yank my head in the process. I used all the strength my thighs could hold to lean forward until I was leaning forward in a 45 degree angle, being supported by my hair. I could feel more strands breaking but I complied. When he started fucking me again, each thrust pulled on my scalp. My thighs burned and occasionally I had to simply allow his grip on my hair to hold me up while he fucked my ass deep and hard. It was intense and violent. I stayed as quiet as I could, but could not deny how the angle of his cock penetrating me felt amazing. My whole body was shaking, and while I wanted to come, I could not. He instructed me to reach behind me and pull my ass open, so he could watch his cock disappear in my ass. It was humiliating and seemed physically impossible, but yet so owned and controlled. I could no longer balance my body on anything but my hair since my center of gravity was off, and as I leaned into the exquisite pain from my hair, I came so close to orgasm, but it escaped me. There was no way my body could get there, so I simply slipped away, back into my dark corner. From the outside, I suppose it looked as violent as it felt, but from the inside, I was in a deep headspace that made me feel somewhat like flying. He kept going, telling me what a delicious little slut I was, how he owns my whole body and if he wants to break it, he can. I replied with the only words I could get out, “Yes Master.”

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