Gagging Her

Here’s another excerpt from The Green Door, previously quoted here:

In her excitement she spoke before thinking. “I do learn fast, don’t I?” His eyes opened slowly, and she was frightened at the cold glare that came from under his perfect brow.

“Some things perhaps, but not others.” He rose from the chair and retrieved a thick leather strap from his seemingly endless supply behind the chair. He stood behind her now looking down at her imploring face.

“I’m sorry… please…”

“Too late. Open your mouth.” He had bent down now, grasping the slim strap holding her cuffed wrists in one hand and a threatening looking contraption in the other. The strap was nearly five inches thick at its widest point and was fashioned from very sturdy leather. A leather pear-shaped protrusion attached at the center was poised before her full lips. He was speaking again: “Open your fucking mouth!”

“That won’t fit in my….” A sharp pain in both shoulders interrupted her. He was pulling her wrists up toward her shoulder blades by means of that damned strap. She opened her mouth to both comply and to release a sharp squeal of pain. The leather pear did indeed fit in her mouth, but barely. She had no idea her jaws could stretch that far. He carefully pulled up her long flowing hair to buckle the gag snugly at the back of her neck. She could make absolutely no sound. The pear forced her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, and the strap sealed her lips and trapped them against her teeth. “That should remind you not to speak without permission.

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