“No! Oh, No!” She Pleads…

Another classic bondage sex tableaux from Erotisk Tvang:

tied to a table for fucking

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One comment on ““No! Oh, No!” She Pleads…”:

RC commented on September 20th, 2011 at 6:46 pm:

She gasped when she saw it. This was no ordinary cock!

This was Rex Goliath, 47 pounds of the meanest fighting-rooster ever to enter the ring! No blow was too fowl for him!

His owner said, “I’ll make it easier on you, sweetie. I’ll remove his spurs.” Instantly she relaxed. There was still the beak and all those feathers, but this WAS supposed to be a torture table after all. At least its comb and wattle had been trimmed off (typical of gamecocks). The only thing she couldn’t handle was a pecker wearing a French tickler!

She let out a scornful laugh. “Bring it on!” she scoffed. “I’m a seasoned newspaper reporter, and for me this is just another pullet surprise!”

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