Closeted Girl

Holly, writing about a couple of ideas she has:

I want Rowdy (or someone else I trust both as a person and a BDSM top) to shut me in a walk-in closet for 24 hours. Maybe a whole weekend. I’d get a jug of water (maybe a little food if it’s a whole weekend) and reasonable allowances for potty breaks, and that’s it.

Why: Partly as a kink thing, but mostly as a mental-clearing thing. In a weird way it almost feels like something I need, a reboot for the brain, a forced mediation. I’m a person consumed by my distractions–sex! blogs! food! electronics! hobbies! TvTropes!–and while I treasure most of those distractions, I also want to know what it’s like to live without any distractions at all. It’s something I would do independently, but I don’t think I can force myself. So I’ll get someone to force me.

My first thought upon reading this was “potty breaks? Ridiculous! I’d just give her a bucket.” So I laughed when I saw an early comment in which she explained “I considered a bucket, but then I just know I’d spend the entire time thinking about the bucket.” Which is fair enough.

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3 comments on “Closeted Girl”:

Rope Guy commented on July 12th, 2011 at 11:20 am:

I was thinking about this some more from the perspective of what it would be like to be the jailor.

To support a meditative scene like this, I think the potty breaks should be as low-stimulus as possible. First thing I think of there is a heavy opaque hood. You don’t need to see, to potty; so the hood should go on before the closet door opens, and stay on until the prisoner is back in the closet. This would minimize temptation and ability to “freshen up” and otherwise treat the bathroom break as a mini spa vacation away from the closet tedium.

Wade Wilson commented on July 12th, 2011 at 10:11 pm:

Why not have potty breaks be using a bucket, in the closet, but the bucket gets removed and emptied in between breaks? That would remove the distraction AND keep the isolation.

emmeren commented on July 13th, 2011 at 2:43 pm:

I agree with Wade (having tried similar scenes). Everything should take place in the “cell”.
Scenes like this, particularly if the jailor only checks on the prisoner rarely. A surveillance camera does a good job in keeping the prisoner monitored and the isolation complete ;-)
Sitting there, hearing the jailor walk around and do stuff, and just waiting for a little bit of human contact… It’s real tough. But also a huge experience.

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