Sex With Her Wrists Tied

Mounmouth remains the king of writing about his kinky sex:

I licked a puddle of sweat from the groove of her collarbone. Danielle sat on top of me, her wrists tied together behind her back.

She had ridden me like this, grinding down hard, leaning forward while I held her steady, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples, my palms slick with her sweat.

When she came (again), I felt a rush of warm wetness at the base of my cock. And stillness. Sensitive to the point of pain, she needs a moment after coming, a pause after the frenzy.

Eyes closed, she rested against my arms, hair tumbling down over her face. “Please come in my mouth. Please.”

I extracted myself slowly and wiggled out from under her. She was kneeling, waiting, perfectly still. I stood up, pushed her hair aside.

“Open your mouth.”

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