The Keys To Her Pants

Don’t read this little story excerpt if humiliating enema expulsion squicks you out. It’s not for everybody, but the dilemma bondage angle may appeal:

You will need to be punished, but I believe we’ll attend to *your* disciplining a little later.” Jacqui gave her a quick slap on the buns and pushed her to her feet.

“Lissa, go get dressed. You, slut,” meaning Anne, “over here. I think it’s past time to remind you why I don’t approve of jeans. Although I must admit they look good on you when they’re so tight.”

When Melissa returned, dressed in one of her ad-hoc off-the-shoulder tops and a skirt, Anne was bent over the bed with her jeans and underwear pulled down to expose her buttocks. The enema tube was thrust between them. Melissa watched Jacqui collar Anne and attach a cable to the collar while the bag slowly emptied. “Lissa, come over here.” Uncertain of what was being asked of her, she moved closer.

It seemed like Anne had taken much more water into her small frame than Melissa had held before Jacqui relented and removed the nozzle. The dominatrix then hoisted Anne to her feet and instructed Melissa, “Hold her hands and balance her for me.” As she grabbed the smaller girl’s wrists, Melissa saw the shame warring with concentration on Anne’s face. Jacqui pulled up Anne’s panties, then raised and closed her jeans as well, reaching around Anne’s waist to fasten the buttons and close the zipper.

Melissa was beginning to wonder how Anne would use the toilet when Jacqui produced a traditional oval bike lock and looped it through the front belt loops of Anne’s jeans before clicking it home. Anne wouldn’t be able to get her jeans down! With a smile, Jacqui picked up the loose end of the cable and marched to the bathroom. “If you like your jeans so well, you can just live in them, slut.” Once in the bathroom, she attached the cable to the curtain rod in the shower.

Her curiosity abated by disgust, Melissa started to turn away only to be stopped by Jacqui’s command. “No, you watch, Lissa. Anne’s being punished for violating the dress code. Think about it whenever you’re deciding what to wear.” Melissa had no choice but to watch as Jacqui leaned the Oriental against the shower wall and began to spank her. Anne cried for mercy and began squirming in an effort to evade the blows, but the spanking continued until she could no longer control herself. She grunted as a rush of dirty water soaked her crotch and ran down her legs, but managed to avoid a total loss of control.

Jacqui stepped back and Anne sank to the floor of the shower and cried. “Serves her right, don’t you think?” asked Jacqui. Melissa couldn’t think of a suitable answer and replied with a question of her own as they returned to the bedroom. “Mistress Jacqueline, when will you let her out?”

The reply convinced Melissa never, ever to go near a pair of jeans.

“Oh, she’ll come out when she’s ready to. I shoved the keys up her ass before I gave her the enema. Of course, with jeans that tight it might take her awhile to get them out, but that’s life.”

From Peer Pressure: Lissa by Virtual Scott.

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2 comments on “The Keys To Her Pants”:

abc commented on April 28th, 2014 at 3:20 am:

Of course stuffing the keys in the asshole is exceptionally dangerous.

Rope Guy commented on April 28th, 2014 at 11:13 am:

Fiction. It’s fiction. NOTHING is dangerous in fiction.

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