Caned Under The Ancient Regime

This bondage caning screencap is from an old Mood Pictures title, Ancient Regime:

tied to a table and caned

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One comment on “Caned Under The Ancient Regime”:

RC commented on May 29th, 2011 at 2:50 pm:

Her body language is submissive, not defiant. No clenching of her fists, eyes not daring to look at the female grabbing her by the hair. I can’t quite decide how much choice she has in her posture, but it looks like she is keeping her ass as low as she can. I think she could bring her feet closer to the table, but that would raise her ass as if offering it up. The edge of the table presses against the top of her thighs as if she is bracing herself not to flinch. She doesn’t want to excite the male with a display of hip motion with each stroke. Not sure how her ankles are tied, nor why the ankles aren’t attached closely to the legs of the table to lift her butt up. Maybe they intend to cane her until she passes out, and so they put her in a position that anticipates her collapsing safely on the table.

As she waits, she is basically comfortable, but the thin ropes around her thighs dig into her flesh a little. That’s the dominant sensation she feels right now: her legs being held spread apart.

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