Bit Gag, Rebooted

Everybody should have a pony bit gag in their toy box. They are a lot of fun — just as effective as a ball gag, but it doesn’t obstruct breathing or put so much pressure on the jaw muscles. Result: You can leave it on her longer … even much longer.

Trouble is, the one I’ve got is old. Old and a little obsolete, from a materials science standpoint. It’s very stiff — I think it has a steel core — and the rubber that covers it tastes and smells like a car tire. That’s not necessarily a problem — after all, it’s not me who has to taste it — but inflicting indignities should be a matter of decision, not “and guess what, it also tastes nasty because my kit is not all it could be.”

Fortunately, the march of technology cannot be halted! Which means The Stockroom has added a 21st-century bit gag to its lineup, made of soft flavorless silicone:

bit gag rebooted

They explain:

Crafted out of soft silicone and flexible leather, this silicone gag has no taste, and is ideal for bondage beginners and pony play enthusiasts alike. The gag itself is extremely gentle on the teeth while being generous with breathing passages, allowing it to be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

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