The Pain Of 62 Clothespins

Here’s a nice description of intense pain and its effects, for those of you who make a study of such things. Bar Coded Bitch had 62 green and yellow clothespins on her breasts, belly, and pussy, making a very nice sunflower effect — and this is what it was like:

The sunflower design was a punishment and i was ordered to wear them for two consecutive hours. During those 2 hours, i was to concentrate on having them whipped and flogged off. After the first 45 minutes, i knew i was fucked. The pain of 62 pins was absolutely outrageous.

The pain was stabbing sensations in the fibers of my breasts; it felt like my muscles were tearing and my skin was splitting, searing white hot pain flooded through me and made me break out in a cold sweat. After the first hour, pain-slut I was, I didn’t think I could finish this assignment. i felt nauseous and couldn’t imagine anything flogging or whipping the clips off my chest. Even the breezes caused by an oscillating fan felt like a sledgehammer against my chest.

And then came taking off the pins.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
The pain was intense and terrible. Excruciating. i really thought i just might die there.
For real.

My body exploded with each clip removal like bombs were going off, little torpedoes beneath my skin blowing up nerve endings in the tightly pinched skin. i had blisters for a week after this punishment but after 4 years, i still stand in fear of these sunflowers and think of them and the pain imprinted on me every time i see an actual sunflower of any type.

i wasn’t thinking of anything but the pain during this assignment but after the fact, the fear and respect i have for this is arousing in nature and i walk a fine line hoping that i am never ordered to this punishment again.

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