Madison Welch Handcuffed

According to the March 2010 issue of the British lad mag Zoo, starlet Madison Welch enjoys a bit of bedroom bondage:

I love being tied up. It’s a thrill to feel like you’re doing something forbidden. Once, I handcuffed myself to my boyfriend’s bed and waited for him to come home. Little did I know, his mum had a spare key and was coming around to pick up his laundry. I heard the key in the door, but there was nothing I could do! I got caught red-handed — and very redfaced…

Madison Welch handcuffed

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One comment on “Madison Welch Handcuffed”:

Carb commented on March 10th, 2011 at 1:16 pm:

I would LOVE to find her handcuffed/tied to my bed

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