“Stranger” With Rope And Paddle

This comes from the world of the spanking blogs, where one lady was expecting a visit from a certain fellow, and to put some ideas in his head, she posted some kidnap-style photos on her blog and mused a bit. She was a little unclear how it went in those non-spanking porns once the girl was caught, and not interested in finding out. But how much more fun would it be if the fellow “broke in, snuck up on her and had his way with her, spanking-wise?”

Well, sure and soon enough:

When my doorbell rang at 6:30, I opened it eagerly, expecting to see New Guy standing there smiling back, ready to give me a warm hug after three weeks of not seeing each other.

But the man at my door didn’t smile, only stepped in silently, Feeling a bit thrown, I started to wrap my arms around his neck, and he shrugged them off. Then I felt his fist tightening in my hair.

He spun me around, pushing me toward my bedroom. I nearly stumbled on my high heels. Wordlessly, he threw me onto my bed, then flipped me over, pinning both arms behind my back. He rummaged in his bag and next thing I knew, he was tying my hands together. Once that was done, he leaned down and spoke. “Did you really think you could write something like that in your blog and no one would get ideas?”

“Ah… um… I….” I stuttered, and he yanked my hair. “Did you?”

“No…” I murmured. I thought perhaps I could reason with him. “I couldn’t help it,” I cried. “Those pictures… I don’t know, they just did something to me.”

“Yeah, well,” he said, “now I’M going to do something to you.” My legs were bent, my feet tightly curled up under my bottom; he pulled my legs straight, and unceremoniously yanked my leggings and panties down my thighs and off. Then he tied my ankles together.

“Now,” he growled, “you are going to get exactly what you deserve.”

There is more bondage, and spanking, and photographs. Good clean dirty fun.

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