Tied And Fucked Over A Spring Horse

Here’s a brutal story of a woman grabbed while walking home late at night. When she doesn’t cooperate with her abductors, they take her to a local park and tie her over one of those spring-horses in the playground:

She didn’t resist as John and Jackson each grabbed her under the armpit and lifted her to her feet. She wondered for a moment what Jose was getting out of the trunk of the car, but then her attention was focused on the horse as the two men forced her to kneel behind the spring mounted toy.

“Drape her over it,” she heard Jose say, and rough hands grabbed her and forced her torso over the horse, the hard plastic saddle uncomfortably digging into her stomach and chest, but her head and ass hanging just free of the horse. She looked over at Jose and shuddered when she saw him holding a few lengths of rope and a large duffle bag.

“Please don’t do this,” she begged as he bent down before her and began to tie her wrists together underneath the horse, the coarse rope chaffing her wrists. “Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone.”

“You had your chance, cunt,” he spit out, his cold eyes looking into hers as he secured her bound wrists to the bottom of the spring.

She saw him glance down at her braid as it fell to the side and landed softly on the ground near his feet. “Now it’s time for us to have some fun.”

She wanted to spit in his face as he smiled; damn him, she thought, damn him. How could he do this? And why her? She knew the answer to that, because she had been available.

She screwed up her pretty Asian face as her abductors grabbed her legs and straightened them underneath her, tying her calves on either side of the spring. Trussed like a Christmas hog, she thought as the strain on the back of her thighs and calves increased as they pulled down the front of the horse slightly and ties it that way, so that her torso was now slightly slanted downward with her ass high in the air. She blushed as she realized her position, with her shapely legs straining at the unnatural position, revealing every delicious curve, her ass, with it’s fine, rounded ass cheeks, were thrust up for view, and her anus and vagina lewdly exposed.

She jerked in her bonds with a start as someone slapped her and John said, “Just the right height for fucking.” Panic began to well in her as Jose said, “Now it’s time to party!”


“Uhhgg,” she grunted as the first belt landed across her slender shoulders.


“Ah,” as her lower back took the blow.


“Aaaaahhrrgg!” she wailed as the belt struck across her burned ass cheeks, seeming to send hot nails into her flesh.

“Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!”

Now all three of them had their belts off and were pummeling her mercilessly, sending her body bucking and thrashing in her bonds in pain, incoherent pleas and cries coming from her mouth as she begged them to stop between screams of agony. Anything, her mind cried, anything to make them stop.

The pain seemed to reach a plateau, an unbearable level where the beating became a dull background to the constant throbbing agony in her body. Then it suddenly skyrocketed, and blackness clouded her vision as a belt slapped wetly against her cunt, sending sharp shards of pain lancing through her body and mind.

Again as agony flared through her groin, making the pain in the rest of her body recede into a dull ache. Her voice was raw from screaming and when the belt landed a third time the agony blinded her for a moment.

“Whip that cunt!” she heard vaguely through her own screams, and then, “I’ve got to have me a piece of that pussy!” and suddenly the whipping stopped and hands were gripping her hips. Fire still lanced through her pussy as she jerked away from the cock pressing insistently at her opening.

She screamed again, her voice deep and raw, as he forced his cock head into her cunt. It was like a ring of fire burning up her cunt. Her wail petered out into a grunt as he forced himself all the way into her, his hips slamming painfully into her tenderized ass…

The story is Against Her Will by Wiley06 as found in The Kristen Archives.

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