3D Kink: Stalking The Wild Bikini

It’s been months since I fired up my copy of the 3D Kink software, and it took quite awhile to load due to all the new updates and add-ons that have been released for it since last time we played with it. There’s so much new stuff I haven’t been able to barely scratch the surface, especially new locations: gym, beach, forest campsite, pirate ship, throne room, poolside, ancient ruins, and many many more. And of course there’s new outfits, some new tattoos, new hairstyles, new voice packs … obviously the product has continued to evolve while I wasn’t looking.

What I did do, though, was load up a pretty girl, camping alone by a forest waterfall:

bikini girl camping alone

Stalking up on her in my avatar as a rogue motorcycle cop with a little bit of the old “in-out in-out” on his mind, I was reminded of nothing more than sneaking up on Orc camps in old Everquest. “It’s young ladies like you who’ve ruined your own lands, you’ll not ruin mine!” Or, more likely “It’s not safe for a pretty girl like you to be all alone out here, and now I’m going to show you why…”

rogue motorcycle cop fucking a girl he found camping alone, after he stripped and handcuffed and gagged her

“No, it’s really not safe, darling, the world is full of rough men with big dicks and a spare set of handcuffs…”

motorcycle cop fucking a handcuffed camper girl in the ass after he found her alone and dragged her out of her tent

I definitely need to spend some time figuring out the pose editor so I can do more custom scenes in 3D Kink!

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One comment on “3D Kink: Stalking The Wild Bikini”:

Pat Powers commented on July 20th, 2012 at 7:08 am:

SL has got everything 3D kink has and it’s free besides. And of course the female avatars have female players (well, mostly femlale) in SL, whereas I think Kink’s female avvies are NPCs. It’s why I’ve never bothered reviewing 3D kink on my site, don’t see how I could possibly come up with something nice to say. Still … nice avvies …

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