Handcuffing Kari

Apparently they had a cop handcuff Kari Byron from Mythbusters as a tiny 10-second decorative buffer bit for an episode on driving and cell phone use:

Kari from Mythbusters handcuffed by police

Kari in police handcuffs

Danger Theater has the clip. (Danger also has the full clip of the show I blogged about a couple of years ago where they gave Kari the Chinese Water Torture treatment.)

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One comment on “Handcuffing Kari”:

Darrkstarr commented on September 11th, 2012 at 12:48 pm:

She is very hot. I, only, have two problems: One, these shots are way out of focus and, two, (most important) she’s married. Damn it! Oh well, I guess it’s okay to look, just don’t touch.

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