Tied And Teased

The further bondage adventures of Monmouth, in what he terms ball gag misuse:

Jessica was quite cooperative while I tied her to the chair. It was a lovely steel and leather construction, with nice clean lines and a subtle bondage sensibility to it. Very easy to attach wrists and ankles to, as well. Good piece of furniture to have in a hotel room. At this point she indicated in no uncertain terms that she would really like to be touched, licked and fucked as a matter of urgency.

That’s where my manners failed a bit. I pushed her thighs apart, stroked the outside of her knickers and felt her up for a while before pushing past the edge of the crotch for a quick feel underneath. I withdrew my fingers, which were conspicuously wet.

She reiterated her previous request for further fingering. Not unreasonable, by any means. I stuck my fingers in her mouth, giving her a little taste. Then I put a ball gag on her, fastened it securely around the back of her head, and sat down to admire her.

“Your problem,” I observed, disregarding her whimpering, “is that on the one hand I’d really like to take this nice corset off, and remove your pretty knickers.”

She stared at me, nodding her encouragement.

“On the other hand,” I stroked the inside of her thigh with my fingertips, enjoying the soft skin, “you just look too damn good like this. I feel like just having a wank, looking at you…”

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