Kidnapped and Chained

I was following a link at Spanking Blog when I discovered this really fine kidnapping and enslavement fantasy. It starts like this:

I waited, kneeling, blindfolded, handcuffed firmly to the wooden banister rail.

Outside, it was a lovely October day, blue skies, birds singing.

Inside, there was silence as I waited. Waited to see what would happen.

I could hear my heart beating in my chest. Tentatively, I tested the handcuffs, but there was no escape from them, the cold metal bit cruelly into my wrists. How had this happened? Now I knew why, many years ago, my mother had told me never to accept lifts from strangers, even if my own car had broken down….

Suddenly, I heard footsteps ascending the stairs. They walked down the landing and came to halt by me. Hands, strong male hands, unlocked the cuffs and with a strong grip on my arm, I was forced into one of the rooms. I didn’t know whether to struggle yet. I didn’t want to be hurt. Humans are delicate things, they leak when you hit them, and I was scared, so scared.

In the rooms, I gasped as a chain was thrown around my neck, light but strong, and with a click, it was locked tightly about my throat.

The voice was soft, but firm.

“Take your clothes off.”

I shook my head, mute.

“Take them off. There are two ways this can be done. You can take your clothes off yourself and your pain will not be too great. Or I can do it for you and it will hurt you considerably more.”

There was a pause as I weighed my options. I wasn’t brave enough for the second one. Then slowly, I began to strip off my clothes…

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