Wanting A Strong Man

Spanking Blog found the following in a 1939 magazine:

“I think Fred’s the nicest man I know”, said an attractive girl to me the other day. “We’re thoroughly congenial, and have marvelous times going out together, but I simply could not marry him. I can’t stand the way he lets me push him around.”

Being a psychologist, I skipped the obvious question: “What makes you push him around, then?” For my young friend was just showing one more facet of the age-old contradiction in the feminine mind which has probably done more than anything else to make a woman’s mental processes seem incomprehensible to the bewildered male.

You see, no matter what else she may want, the average girl wants to make sure the man she marries is essentially stronger than she is. The need is based equally on the atmosphere she was brought up in, and her own, originally childish wish for “somebody to depend on.” But the only way a girl can be sure of a man’s strength is to test it, which she generally does by finding out just how much she can get away with. Paradoxically, the less she succeeds, the harder she tries; and yet if she really succeeds, she loses all interest in the man who has been proved a weakling.

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5 comments on “Wanting A Strong Man”:

lynn commented on November 28th, 2009 at 8:45 pm:

I have much the same problem. I am a high-dom woman Engineer used to being the BOSS all the time, yet I want to be a sexual submissive. All the men I have dated while trying to find the answer to my desires have seemed so damned weak! I want someone with some spine and they are all too busy buying roses and dinner and being freaking nice. I want someone to toss me facedown on the bed and smack my ass repeatedly with a belt! Is that too much to ask, y’all?????

carnal.torment commented on December 2nd, 2009 at 8:05 am:

@lynn: At some point, you have to communicate these desires to your man. After all, if you weren’t desirous of being treated in this way, a belt across the ass is a quick route to the sex offender lineup…

lynn commented on December 4th, 2009 at 8:48 pm:

I have tried over and over to get the fellas to “man up” and they always wind up being vanilla and wussing out!

Web-Ed commented on December 5th, 2009 at 11:56 pm:

That psychologist in 1939 was dead-on about women wanting a man stronger than they are. As for Lynn – strong men ready to spank you are out there. If you’re honest in communicating your desires as carnal.torment suggested, sooner or later you will find one. Just keep looking.

Aurumgirl commented on December 17th, 2009 at 10:41 pm:

I disagree…I’m a submissive who is always in charge of everything in my life outside of the bedroom. I never wanted a man who is stronger than I am: I’ve just wanted a man who is not afraid to be just as strong as I am.

Men who are just as strong as I am have no problem being sensitive or emotionally honest and open or any of that stuff the supposedly “sensitive”, “nice” guys claim to be–they’re just not tentative about it, or passive aggressive about it. They’re not afraid to know what they want and ask for it. They’re also not afraid to do their share of the work to keep a partner happy.

After all, when you’re stronger in your relationship and you’re a woman, you’ll end up being responsible for absolutely everything. Believe me, nothing is enjoyable about that. It’s not only unfair, it gets boring fast because your needs are never, ever met.

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