Rope Rider, With “Special” Knots

We’ve written before about the “roper rider” game, where a woman in bondage is forced (or “encouraged” by various means) to move with difficulty along a tightly-stretched knotted rope, so that the knots move through her pussy and rub against her clit:

At first glance, these photos from Chanta’s Bitches appears to document just another instance of the rope rider game, if a rather severe one:

woman forced to walk in bondage along rough rope with big knots to catch her clit

bondage woman humping along a knotted rope

But if you look closely, you’ll learn that before playing, these knots were generously treated with dollops of Icy-Hot ointment:

burning ointment on the knots of her pussy rope

I’ll bet that *tingles* on tender flesh that’s already gone a bit raw from the friction of the rough rope…

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One comment on “Rope Rider, With “Special” Knots”:

RC commented on December 7th, 2014 at 12:32 pm:

She probably feels like she’s is being sawn in two with a laser beam, or maybe as if she ie being circumsized with a soldering iron. A woman knows best how and where to torment another woman!

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