Jaiko By Richard Kern

If you like Richard Kern’s fetish photography — and you should — you’ll enjoy the Vice Magazine spread of photos from Richard Kern’s archives. Here’s Jaiko:

bondage photograph by Richard Kern, famous fetish photographer

Kern says: “I still see Jaiko all the time and she still looks really hot. I think she was about 19 here. I met her and shot her when she was just visiting New York from Japan, and then she moved here. She is an A-number-1 girl. She has these incredible boobs.”

Also don’t miss Susan in suspension bondage.

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One comment on “Jaiko By Richard Kern”:

RC commented on July 18th, 2009 at 2:44 am:

Nice girl. Nice ropework.

I wonder if when she nods, her breasts do likewise.

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