Buggered For Punishment

There’s a scene in an old Victorian strokebook called The Adventures of Lady Harpur where a pretty maid on a West Indies plantation is sent around for a whipping from an aging overseer who is used to taking full advantage of such situations:

Snigger took the note from the girl, read it with a grin and commenced tying her hands.

‘Oh, Mr Snigger, this is the first time I was ever sent here, won’t you be good and not uncover me?’

‘Well, I must place you here at all events.’

He secured her as usual, leaning over the beam, but when he attempted to raise her petticoat, she screamed and kicked with all her might.

‘Ah, my lady, I will soon stop that,’ and taking a long flat piece of wood, he fastened her feet to each end, thus fixing them at their widest stretch. Then, not heeding her cries, he threw up her clothes and passed his lecherous hands deliberately over her belly and bottom and the inside of her thighs, then opening the lips of her cunt, he looked in and poked his finger up. She threatened him at the highest pitch of her voice, but her abuse only seemed to add zest to his pleasure, for he laughed as he took out his prick and placed its rubicund head between the thickly covered lips of her cunt and slowly drove it up.

Meanwhile, Snigger, having discharged, had taken out his tool and after wiping it said, ‘Now, my lady, I will pay you off for all your hard names and abuse; how do you like that, and that?’ each time giving her a cut across the bottom with the cat.

‘Oh, Mr Snigger,’ another cut, ‘Oh, have mercy,’ another slash.

‘You vile strumpet to call me a dirty black nigger,’ and down came the cat harder than ever.

‘Oh, Mr Snigger, I will never call you names again.’

‘Won’t you? What else will you promise?’ Cut – slash – cut.

‘I will let you fuck me whenever you wish.’

‘And how am I to fuck you again?’ he said, lashing away.

‘Any way you like.’

‘Oh, yes, fuck your arse?’ Slash, slash, slash.

‘Yes, my arse or anywhere, only stop whipping.’

She had now received about a dozen and a half and he drew back to observe the effect of his work.

Her bottom was all marked across with red streaks, while a few more appeared on her thighs.

‘Oh, Mr Snigger, pity my poor bottom, unfasten and let me go.’

‘I am not done with you yet, you want me to fuck you again, don’t you?’ he asked raising up the cat.

‘Yes, my bottom is all in a glow and my cunt is just burning; you may fuck me as much as you like, I would really enjoy it now.’

He went up to her and having moistened two fingers in her cunt, he pushed them into her bottom; when she started he cried, ‘What, do you want more of the cat?’

‘No, I want your nice prick, dear Mr Snigger, in my cunt.’


‘Well, in my arse or anywhere, only let me down.’

‘That’s right, now push out your arse, I will fuck your cunt first.’ She poked out her behind as much as she could; he took off his pantaloons and shirt, and after rubbing up his tool with his hand, he drove it up her cunt.

‘Is that good?’ he asked with a grunt.

‘Yes, dear Mr Snigger, it is delightful.’

After a few long deliberate strokes, he drew it out and holding open the cheeks of her bottom, he thrust its head against the little round hole. ‘Open,’ he cried, ‘open your arse, I say.’

She groaned and let in the head. He then pushed the whole prick up into her bottom and clasped her round the waist; then drawing it all out except the head, he plunged it in again and so went on till the paroxysm came and he spent.

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