Manly, Dominant

Manly. Dominant. Two great tastes that taste great together, right?

Sure. But then, there are the guys who think that these are somehow the same thing, or go together inexorably, or some shit like that. Worse yet, they tend to think “being a man” is the same thing as “having a dick”, and so they reason from “I have a dick” to “she’ll want to kneel before it.”

Worst? When this does not happen — and so they whine about it on the internets. You’ve seen it in chat rooms, you know you have. You shuddered and clicked away.

Moving on. Kaya has written an eloquent essay on the nature of manhood and its relationship, if any, to dominance. She says there’s more space between manliness and dominance than you might think. It’s worth a read.

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One comment on “Manly, Dominant”:

Wander00 commented on January 30th, 2009 at 4:53 pm:

Manliness and dominance?

‘Manliness’ has nothing to do with having a dick. Manliness is self-reliance and self-control, a sense of honor, pride and a working set of morals.

Dominance, on the other hand, is an action – a partnership that’s a gift and, in its real sense, very, very rare.

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