Rough Rope Panties

There are a zillion old Japanese bondage pictures on my hard drive. They are famous for the creative ways to show a woman’s pubic region without showing anything “too explicit” by the enigmatic standards of Japanese law, but I thought this “rope panty” setup was especially creative:

bondage panties made of rough rope

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Kinky Deb commented on June 11th, 2016 at 1:13 am:

I showed this to husband who decided this looked like a good idea and sure enough it was. He used rough sisal rope pulled tight enough to spread my lips then with my tits bound with the same rope and my hands tied behind me I was led around our garden by my kneck collar. The sisal rope really rubbed me but also meant that that I was so stimulated that for about a day afterwards I couldn’t wear knickers or a bra as the slightest touch would give me an orgasm. Not a bad result really!!

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