Bad Man With A Naughty Box

It’s amazing the fun little bondage stories you can find surfing on Informed Consent:

Mr C is the man who introduced me to the concept of the naughty box. On the first morning together he pulled a big box out from underneath his bed. He opened it up and inside there were all numbers of strange things… straps and leather and rope and things I didn’t even recognise.

“Has anyone ever used a cane on you?” he asked as he pulled a long rattan cane from the naughty box.

It looked liked something a school teacher from the 50’s might have used on a naughty pupil. He smacked it against the pillow on the bed a few times and it made a swishing noise as it whizzed through the air. I knew the answer to his question didn’t really matter much.

Standing in front of him in my underwear I suddenly felt really nervous.

“Take your panties off, your bra and stockings can stay on”.

More nervous than ever I did as I was told.

I dropped my panties on the floor and lay on the bed as indicated. He told me to lie on my front and he pushed two pillows below my hips so my behind was pushed rudely upwards. He used rope to tie my hands tightly together and then tied them to the head of the bed. He stretched my legs almost painfully wide apart and tied each ankle to the bottom corners of the bed.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him move and pick up the cane. When he stroked it over the backs of my thighs I forced myself to stay relaxed and not shudder.

“This is going to hurt but you are going to be a good girl and stay nice and quiet”.

I didn’t even get a chance to take a breath before the cane landed on my raised behind. I felt the impact first, the stinging pain came seconds later. Before I even had time to complain he hit me again. And then again.

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astrid_the_spy commented on December 16th, 2008 at 10:03 am:

I am flattered that you thought my story was worth quoting! Thank you

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