Sauce Of Submission

An alert reader sent me the link to a product with packaging that gets a Bondage Blog official seal of approval: “Submission” hot sauce, with (according to the website) “100% Pure Pain Formula”:

bondage hotsauce

Like the bottle says, “Gagged, Bound, And Blistered!” The drip gag feeding the special sauce to our unfortunate well-tied submissive seems entertainingly cruel, but are we permitted to hope that the flames shooting out of her ass are entirely metaphorical?

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One comment on “Sauce Of Submission”:

TheDominion commented on September 1st, 2008 at 4:21 am:

This is incredible. I am going to order it I am a big hot sauce fan, but who thought this up and pit it on the market? Guess having it on store shelves would be too edgy but a pic of a bond woman with the title Bound Gagged and Blistered? Exquisite! They really need to be doing strong marketing to the BDSM community. I make a sauce myseld maybe time for me to try a re-branding.

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