Sensory Deprivation In Public

This sounds impractical unless you know of some very special club spaces, but as fantasy material it may appeal to some:

I am occasionally taken to a couple of clubs completely blind and deaf. I have an mp3 player covered with ear defenders and a blindfold. My hands are tied together and i have to be led everywhere.

It means that there are two clubs (actually three now) of which i know nothing of the inside. I’ve not seen any of the interior except for one toilet cubicle. I don’t know if i’m in a small intimate private room on our own, or whether i’m on full public display. I never know what sort of equipment i’m being led towards, or who else is coming with us.

It’s very scary, but also very exciting. I often have a kind of “march to the scaffold” feeling of impending sacrificial doom.

And i love it!

From the Informed Consent boards.

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2 comments on “Sensory Deprivation In Public”:

knotilus commented on July 23rd, 2008 at 6:56 am:


I’ve been to play parties where someone bound and blindfolded like that wouldn’t be – wasn’t – out of the ordinary. And, if memory serves, “fetish club” (or, perhaps, just “club” for short) is essentially the UK equivalent.

As long as they’re not left alone, always watched and cared for, there’s no problem.

Marty commented on July 8th, 2009 at 12:59 pm:

Seems no fun to me – I want to experience my humiliation first hand, because it turns me on…

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