Handcuffed And Cropped

This pussy slave (note the chin dildo) must not have performed up to expectations, because she’s shackled to a bed frame and getting a riding crop applied very intimately:

pussy slave punished for failing to lick with sufficient skill and enthusiasm

I thought this picture looked very familiar when I saw it, so I tracked it down to the April 2004 edition of Hustler’s Taboo magazine. Taboo has always had some of the most stylish (not to mention downright dirty) fetish photography in print, but sadly they are hard to find even when they are brand new and hot off the presses. Back issues can only sometimes be found online, where they are thinly traded at great cost.

Fortunately for you, a good selection of pictures from each of the main photosets from the last three or four years of the print magazine are available to members of the Hustler’s Taboo website (which incidentally makes that site a heck of a lot better deal than most pay sites.)

Update: Since I first posted this I’ve blogged quite a few other bondage pictures from this source. Follow this link for more Taboo magazine posts.

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