Restrained In The Dark

These are the opening paragraphs of a scary-erotic story called In The Darkness, by Sara and James Dupre:

It was Dark!

She slowly regained consciousness, trying to understand why she couldn’t see anything. Trying to open her eyes, thinking to at least see something, she realised that they were already open. Her vision hunted around, hoping to see something, some glimmer of light, some difference in the shadow, but there was nothing, just the dark.

Realising her nakedness, fear rose up inside her; she had no memory of getting undressed. Who had unclothed her, why, what had they planned? She felt exposed and vulnerable, lying there on the strange bed. She could feel the sheets, cool against her naked flesh, the air chill but not uncomfortable; the cold caressed her body like a lover’s touch, her nipples hardening to soft taut peaks, her skin tightening, sensitised to every movement of the air.

She tried to move, her arms were bound tight, her legs too and the girl came to realise that she was bound by some sort of padded cuffs, hardly feeling them against her skin, but restrained completely. Reaching out with her hands she found soft silk rope holding the cuffs on her wrists. Soft yes, but thick and far too strong for her to break, but she tried anyhow. Pulling against the ropes, fear rising within her, lending her strength, but to no avail, the bonds were secure.

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