Punishing The Corporal

Here’s another excerpt from Old Soldiers’ Tale by Doghead_2000:

The Corporal was aged about twenty three and a pretty attractive girl, she had got us all annoyed though, as she had this habit of sneaking up on you while you were ogling at her girls, you would always get a bollocking from that sharp mouth of hers, and more often than not reported to the office as well. Well here she was now, defenceless in front of us, spread-eagled on the bed with that cutting mouth well and truly gagged.

It didn’t take us more than a few seconds to tear off her old fashioned nightdress, and leave her naked to our ogling gaze. This time we could look to our hearts content, without being snapped at by her lashing tongue. She had a really fit athlete’s body, topped by a massive pair of firm tits with big brown nipples jutting out of the centre. The pubic hair of her muff was neatly trimmed down to a small triangle.

As the men stared at her scared naked form, her nipples, and her clitoris showing between her legs, visibly started to swell up. Although frightened at what was happening, it was obvious that her body was responding to just being displayed to so many male eyes in this obscene way.

As the cameras started to flash, recording her nakedness on film, she stared to squirm as if to get away from the prying lenses, this had the effect of presenting even better photo opportunities for the few lucky ones who snapped her gapping pussy. When the men had taken all the pictures they wanted, she was untied from the bed and frog-marched naked into the main part of the hut where the other women were.

She was bent over the back of a hard backed wooden chair in the centre of the room, in full view of the other girls. Her ankles were tied to the two rear legs of the chair, while her arms were stretched out and tied to the front legs. The girl’s shapely arse was displayed in its full glory in this position, and at the mercy of the men. Mind you fucking her from the rear at this point, was the last thing on our minds, we had a more just punishment lined up for this mouthy girl.

One of the men slipped his thick leather belt out of the loops of his trousers and approached the girl’s rear. With a loud crack, he brought the leather down across her shapely buttocks, crack, another blow and then another. Tears started to flow from the girl’s eyes at the three stinging blows across her rump. He then walked in front of her, and with a hand under her jaw, he raised her face up to look at him. He told her that they were about to release her gag, and that if she cried out at all, or if she struggled and refused their requests, she would be immediately re-gagged and that she would feel the belt until her buttocks and thighs were red raw.

Nodding her understanding and acknowledgement of the instructions, the man removed her gag. She started to ask why this was happening, only to receive a sharp blow across her shoulders from his belt, cutting off any further attempts to speak.

While the man stood menacingly at the side of her, where she could not fail to see the vicious belt poised in his hands, another man stood in front of her face and dropped his underpants to expose his semi swollen penis. She was forced to take it in her mouth and suck him off. As the penis expanded to its full size the man grabbed hold of the sides of her head and started to deep throat her with long hard strokes, as she gagged for breath. When the first guy had shot his load down the throat of that cutting mouth, I stepped forward for a turn.

Giving the Corporal a few moments to stop gagging from the first mouth fuck, I offered my swollen prick to her mouth. She was reluctant at first to put her lips around its swollen head, but another sharp crack of the belt across her buttocks by the man with the belt, soon got her moving again. Although reluctant, she knew what she was doing; she had obviously used her mouth in the past for things other than eating and cursing soldiers. Running her wet tongue over the small slit at the front of my penis head, she gently ran her teeth and lips up and down the shaft, while at the same time sucking at the head itself.

The effect on my cock was almost immediate, and it grew to enormous proportions within her hot mouth. Like the first guy, I was unable to stop myself from grabbing hold of the side of her head, and start pumping my cock down her throat. In and out I pumped, until I could feel myself ready to explode my seed once again. Forcing my cock deep into her throat so that my balls were resting on her chin, I held her there while I emptied my load into her guts; her gasping for breath and gagging only exited the head of my cock to spew out more of the thick semen inside her.

Finally well and truly spent, I withdrew from her mouth and the next man in line took my place. The girl was mouth fucked by us all before we gave her any peace. For safety we allowed her to get over any sign of gagging before we placed the gag back into her mouth and tied it in place. Just for the sake of it, we then all used the belt on her buttocks anyway, just a couple of swipes a piece to tan her hide a bit, after all, you can’t have a Corporal without stripes, can you?

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Mina commented on February 5th, 2008 at 1:54 am:

Thanks for all your lovely pics here and this story had me so engrossed I was late for work. That’s what happens to kinky girls when they think they have a few spare minutes!


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