What’s The Chain For?

What do you do when the kid spots the bondage gear? I like Kaya’s approach — say something lame and then rely heavily on the fact that they don’t really want to hear about it:

Not so long ago, a week or so, I carelessly left the chain on the bed stretched out across the bed (and not tucked out of sight behind the headboard). She saw it when she chased her cat into our room. Of course she asked me what it was there for, and I said the very first lame thing that entered my brain.

Am: “What’s that for?”
Me: “Um, um, it… was.. it.. it used to hold the bed together?”
Am: “Uhhh. Or, do you mean it holds YOU to the bed?”
Me: “Yes. Because I would totally run away without it.” (eyeroll and everything. God I tried.)
Am: (plugging her ears and running from the room) “kinky sex! kinky sex! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”

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