Public Playtime For Luna

In which Luna’s master takes her out to play:

After show and tell Master pulled out his rope and started preparing me for a breast harness. He loves breast play and I know he loves rope as well. It’s a great mix and I love it too. Since Master is still learning he brought with him the rope bondage how to book I got him for a gift. I helped him hold it while he bound me up. A helper in my own demise really.

After my breasts were nicely in the harness he had rope left over, so what does he do but thread it through my legs, with a knot and then back up to the front of the harness. At this point I was having a hard time concentrating and got in trouble twice for not focusing on Master and paying attention to the rest of the room! Out came the blindfold and gag. He was determined to have my focus be on him alone and I was reluctantly placed in my own world only he existed.

Not only the wheel was used on my tender breasts, but my favorite toy, the octocrop ( a crop with an end like a rubber mini flogger). This thing does nothing but cause me to jump and squirm and it stings so deliciously! I don’t know how long that lasted; the dance between the Wartenburg’s wheel and the whippy crop. It was great. I was buzzing and floating and feeling good when he finally freed my from my dark, gagged world.

The marks he left were lovely. I have a freckling of red bite marks from the crop that will last for days yet and he smiles when he sees them. Our first public play was lots of fun and I’m sure that will lead to more now that he has his footing. A wonderful time!

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luna commented on June 16th, 2007 at 7:18 pm:

*blush* I am ashamed to say that I just noticed this, thank you so much for mentioning my blog.


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