Ode To The Spider Gag

A Subtle Slavegirl has written a very nice essay on what’s fun about gags:

I’ve decided that spider gags are hot. What could be more perfect, metal and a gag, two of my favourite things combined in one handy device?

In my perusals through assorted porn I can’t stop but drool (pun intended…lol) over spider gags and how hot they look. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about how a girl’s mouth looks when it’s forced open and her mouth is in that perfectly round “cum in here” shape. The drool gathers and in one long mass, drips onto her breasts and coats them in a sea of submission.

The gag pulls down the skin around the eyes and creates that haunted ‘Why?” look that you can see in the eyes of every gag-wearer. She is no longer in control. She does not choose when to lick, when to suck. She is simply open. She cannot close her mouth, she cannot refuse. Such a simple action, yet one that alludes her.

Speech separates us from the animals. Gags take away the power of speech and take us back to our animal form. You can cry and moan and gasp and scream all you want, but nobody can hear you in subspace.

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