Pillory Fantasy

Prettylils wrote up her stockade fantasy (though I do believe she actually means “pillory”) for her master:

Master has brought me to a fetish club and we’ve been admiring the various rooms and devices at our disposal. We’ve talked to various couples along the way. Upon entering one of the rooms, we see a set of stockades set up in the room. Master tugs my leash in that direction and i hear him laugh a bit to himself. I ask what’s so funny. He replies “let’s see how you like having one of your fantasies some true little one.” i’m afraid but excited and i feel my pussy start to throb in anticipation.

He leads me to the stocks and puts my head and arms inside, locking me in tight. The height makes me bend over pretty far. He pinches my thighs in order to make me spread my legs and I feel Him secure my ankles to restraints on the floor. He gives my ass a good smack and comes around the front. I can only lift my head so far due to the stocks, but do my best to look up into his eyes and plead with him to go easy on me. He just laughs and gives my cheek a little smack.

He starts talking to a couple we have talked to a bit earlier in the night. It’s a tall brunette Domme with her male slave. After a brif conversation She comes forward and begins to inspect me along with Master. She is wearing leather gloves and the feel of the rough hide on me is exciting. Master takes a pair of nipple clips with little weights attached to them from his pocket and attaches them to my nipples. They swing painfully and the tugging brings another throb from my pussy as i feel her get wetter and wetter. my juices are dripping down my thighs.

After Her inspection and a few breif kisses with Master, She runs her finger up my thigh and I feel the gloved finger slid into my wet waiting hole. The rough stitching scraps as She plays and I feel Master insert His thumb into my ass as They continue to kiss. my hips move desperatly to try to free my ass and gain some sort of relief from this fingering before it’s taken away. Master has not let me cum all night. i start to whimper and Master takes Her finger from me and tells her” no cumming for this little slut yet.”

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One comment on “Pillory Fantasy”:

Marty commented on July 8th, 2009 at 7:25 pm:

oooh, I’d love to be in the stocks again… on public display, naked. Has happened only once though, so far. I love it!

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