A Trip To The Dungeon

In which Kazy gets a trip to a commercial (rental) dungeon, and has a good time:

A short while later he came back to the kitchen and as I turned around to walk toward the table and before I knew it, I was grabbed from behind by my Dom and quickly handcuffed, I let out a playfrul scream but within seconds he had pulled a huge rubber ballgag into my mouth and buckled the leather straps of it behind my head, I murmered and struggled, as my Dom proceeded to put a blindfold on me.

Helpless and vulnerable I was dragged into the dungeon, murmering through my gag, much to the amusement of my Dom…..

Before I knew it I was being forced to sit down on a bondage chair where my wrists and ankles were strapped into integral leather cuffs on the chair and a leather collar also integral in the chair was strapped and buckled around my neck….. I was starting to get clammy and hot and trembling as I wondered what I had let myself in for…..

I could soon hear classical music, my Dom had put music on to muffle my murmers …he said….

I then heard the noise of the suspension being winched up, the sounds of metal shackles rattling near to my chair but above my head, my Dom was turning some sort of wheel, it sounded scary….. he laughed as I struggled and murmered, pulling and tugging on my wrist and ankle restraints…… I tried to reach for my gag but the restraints would not reach…..

Then my wrist and ankle cuffs were undone and my hands were quickly buckled into some wider leather cuffs abive my head, they were attached to a suspension in the ceiling…… soon my Dom was turning a wheel again and as he did so I was being lifted highter and higher onto my tip toes, until I was almost hanging and then he stopped, I swung from left to right and round and round, I felt nervous and vulnerable and unsure if he was the only person in the room, I was unable to see anything as my blindfold was tight…

From one of the blogs at Bondage.com.

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