Bound Snug In Her Bed

With apologies to Mother Goose:

He gave her some broth
without any bread
then spanked her quite soundly
and tied her in bed.

No really, he did:

I was put to bed the night before with wrists cuffs on, ankles cuffed together and a gag in my mouth. A gag was always a part of my little ‘tie myself up nice and quick’ sessions, usually a scarf or two with a piece of towelling to go inside the mouth and stop the drool from coming out. I’ve never found a lot of body fluids exciting and a wet spot made of drool was something I definitely didn’t want on my bed.

Ball gags seem to be made for humiliation- there is no way to stop the drool. I was lying there in bed prodding the thing with my tongue, trying to find a position that was comfortable. My bum was still smarting from its workout and on my side, with head tilted a little down to get some slack in the strap and take the pressure off my jaw -that was how I finally fell asleep.

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