A Visit To Lady Heather

I’m not a huge slash fan, but I do enjoy CSI, so this Gil/Sara story amused me deeply. Sara annoys the entire lab, and gets lured to Lady Heather’s for a bit of revenge, including bondage waxing waxing and piercing as a spectator sport:

Gil grinned and went into the other room. She could see him starting to undress. SLOWLY. Gil undressed where Sara could see him. She was spellbound. Grissom’s undoing his shirt. Oh this is better that what I could have imagine. He’s stripping so I can see. I’d rather do that myself…then again I might be alittle too fast. He’s doing it so slowly. Oh yes, yes. This is nice! He’s putting a show on for me. Now if these whores would just leave and let me enjoy this..

“This way, come now!” Lady Heather snapped the riding crop. “You are not ready for Mr Grissom just yet“.

“Lady Heather use the silk rather than the satin. It’s stronger!” Gil stated from the other room.

“As you wish Mr Grissom. Ladies”.

Four girls started to wrap Sara’s wrists and ankles with silk ties. She wobbled in the heels. She couldn’t balance well in this deep pile carpeting. If someone knocked into her, she’ld fall over like a lead balloon. Sara was so intently looking at Grissom stripping in the other room. She didn’t pay much attention to what the girls were doing. They were backing her up to a table, which was tilted vertically. Before she realized it, they had fastened her silk ties with leather straps. The girls worked very swiftly to pull the leather straps tight and swing the table back to a horizontal position. Whoa! I’m losing my balance here! She soon found herself laying spread eagle the table. Quite unable to move much but her head. She kept trying to look into the other room. Grissom was wrapping a heavy silk robe and tying it. Damn missed the best part.

Sara looked around the room. It was getting dimmer. Click. A spot light. I can’t see anything. What the hell is going on here? This is what Grissom wanted? Yeah, I wanted him to pin me to the wall but….he sure wouldn’t want people to watch us, would he? Why is he doing this? What is he thinking?

“Relax Ms Sizzdell, Mr Grissom wants some nice beauty treatments for you. He wants your night to be one you will never forget” Lady Heather cooed, “One that he will ever forget. He’s paid quite handsomely to make sure you are well taken care of”.

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