Strapping Sue To The Bed

I like this bondage vignette, in which Sue tries to sweet-talk her man out of strapping her down in a helpless spread-eagle. Of course, she fails:

As Sue turned, Andrew took her wrists in one hand and she felt the cold grip of metal as a click announced her bondage. She flashed him another red lipsticked smile over her shoulder, “Ooooooo…baby!’ she giggled.

Andrew promised himself that he would break this sexy woman’s composure before morning as he led her to the bed, pushing her back onto it with enough roughness to hint at his possible intentions. Immediately he grabbed one slim ankle and strapped it to the bed, then quickly securing the other one. Only then did he reach into his shirt and remove the chain holding the key to the handcuffs. As he reached behind her and undid the cuffs, the proximity of her body and scent of her perfume distracted him, but did not halt him from implementing his plan.

She rubbed her wrists, then glanced up to see him reaching for her hand with another strap. Composed and sweet as honey, Sue lowered her eyes, then slowly looked into his and smiled one last time. “Lover, don’t tie my hands…” she whispered, trying to control him with her seductive tone.

“Don’t you like losing control? Even a sexy stripper like you has to have moments of submission, Sue.” Sue had performed her first strip for him just last week.

“But Andrew,” Sue cooed, giving him a hot stare, “I want my hands free to hold your ass while I suck your cock…”

Before his concentration could falter, Andrew grabbed her hand and secured it to the third bed post as Sue screamed a loud but ineffective “no.” She knew she could trust him, but she played along, fighting bravely with her last free hand. Andrew easily captured it with his two strong climber’s hands.

Even through her blur of rising fear and desire, Sue admired the quickness and strength in his body. She felt the grip of the unknown, then the warmth of knowing that this unknown had been born in the mind of her perfect lover–it would be incredible. Sue knew that she could do nothing to control events about to occur, so she just relaxed and prepared her mind to enjoy whatever surprise Andrew offered.

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