Capturing Slave Girls

Some nice leather bondage in the second of these two paragraphs from a Gorean-esque slavegirl capture fantasy:

She woke up terrified a hand closed over her mouth, somebody was in her flat, her bedroom, on her bed. She wanted to scream, wanted to move but she was paralysed with fright. The light went on 2 men were over her, her duvet was torn from her, she was nude. The leather jacketed men were tall & muscular, powerful & confident, there were 2 other men in her living room. She was yanked out of bed, to her feet, by a fistful of her hair. She opened her mouth as if to protest. Expertly a cold rod was put between her buttocks. She shrieked in pain the cattle prod discharged on her naked flesh. One of the men laughed. “I still prefer the whip,” he said to his colleague.

A heavy leather wrap was unfolded on the floor, it was a body hood. She was pushed to her knees, her mouth was ungagged, for a few seconds. They forced her into the leather sheath, she was distraught. It came down to her thighs, at her head a thick ball of leather was pushed into her mouth. External straps secured the gag, similar straps bound her upper & lower arms tightly. A thick strap went between her legs and another clamped her thighs together. There was no need to lock them she was helpless. Her ankles were hobbled. They left her kneeling in front of them.

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slavegirlemily commented on December 1st, 2009 at 8:18 am:

If anybody is interested I finally finshed this one this year, without mentioning Tarns or any extra moons
& I moved to
after AOL closed its journal service

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