Duct Taped To A Stool

Spanking Blog quotes a spanking blogger who got duct taped to a stool for a spanking. What’s nifty about this is the technique — duct tape on skin is difficult and painful to remove, so this fellow applied it over leather cuffs. Hard on the cuffs, but easy on the skin:

Once I was in position, Randy produced my leather cuffs and slipped them onto my two wrists and two ankles. Designed as they are for restraint, each cuff has a small ring to allow attachment of a cord. Randy, of course, had other ideas. He grabbed a roll of grey duct tape from the top of his dresser (now, is that the sign of a real man or what?). He proceeded to fasten each cuff to a leg of the step stool by winding the tape around both cuff and leg. This had to have been the hard way, but it was effective enough. I was bound in place, fully exposed, and unable to move.

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One comment on “Duct Taped To A Stool”:

Bonnie commented on May 27th, 2006 at 8:27 am:

Hi Rope Guy!

Thanks for the mention. The duct tape was a complete surprise for me. I had no idea my husband was going to use that as he did. It worked well and was a real turn-on.

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