A Blindfold And A Spanking

Tangy Sweet describes an evening of sweet fun:

He’s got me blindfolded. My wrists are cuffed in the front. I’m flat down on my back on the bed and I can hear him moving around the room. He’s just…watching me. Not touching, just looking.

When his hand finally makes contact, I let out a sigh. The blindfold makes everything sharper and clearer, the sensations so much more powerful. He says nothing. He only eases his hand over my body, running his fingertips over my nipples, which feel about as hard as diamonds. I move my hips restlessly when he lowers his mouth over a nipple and draws it into his warm mouth. He knows the perfect way to lave it with his tongue, just the right way to scrape it against his teeth so it doesn’t quite hurt. Hurts in just the right way.

When he finally speaks, it’s to order me to spread my legs. His fingers trail down my skin where my inner thigh meets my pelvis. He barely brushes my clit and strokes the entrance to my pussy. All I want is to be fucked; I want his fingers, his cock, or a toy. Anything he wants to give me. Anything that will fill me up.

I push up, trying to gain contact. His response is immediate. He rolls me onto his lap, facedown with my hands straight out in front of me, and gives me a series of sharp slaps to my ass. I wiggle and gasp because they’re hard enough to sting, hard enough to leave red marks. I feel my cunt grow hotter and wetter.

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