Making A Zipper

Jennifer, at her blog Activist On A Mission To Initiate Change, dashed off a two-paragraph ode to the joys of the zipper toy:

A zipper? Come on, you know what a zipper is? A sex toy. An SM toy. An implement of erotic torture. It’s where you to take a bunch of clothes pegs/clamps, drill holes in the ends, and put a long boot lace through them all and tie the ends together.

Next lay your partner down and apply said clips to area in need of attention. (inner thighs are a good place to start and work towards the hot spots of genitals, breasts, sternum) Pinch em tight! Clip them on in a nice neat row, and then move them about varying placement of them by an inch or so. Tug on those clips, then twist them back and forth. Then when good and ready, take a deep breath, tell your partner you love them and with one swift PULL, you rip the zipper along the persons body, thus removing all the pegs and sending them into a squirming mess of moans and groans. For the right masochist or those intense sensation seekers, this is a great toy to play with and an easy one to make.

Of course her male submissive play partner immediately tried to claim that making such a toy was a big deal job that would require special tools. Uh, sorry Buster! I wouldn’t want one of those near my wabbly bits either, but you can make it in twenty minutes with a cheap electric screwdriver and a two dollar drill bit. Of course, if it’s going anywhere near your own wabbly bits, you’ll probably want to take a little more time with the good sandpaper and some glossy black paint….

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