Playing With The Girls

Monk’s sidekick henchman Griffin writes about playing with girls:

Monk and I were tired, and had no intention of playing with the girls. We figured we’d show them the rope and maybe a couple of simple ties and that would be it. However, the girls’ excitement was infectious, and before long we were having a great time. Monk put a beautiful rope corset on C and I’d tied V into a ball.

In particular, V’s response to the rope was most surprising. She claimed not to be very flexible, nor quick to laugh. However, here she laughing her head off and asking me to tie her into a ball. It was simply charming. I explained everything to her before I did it, and V encouraged me to do more. So, I rolled her around for a while, turned her into a footstool, and watched her disappear into rope space. If you’ve never seen it, rope space is what we call it when someone just pleasantly zones out for a while. I love seeing that glazed look on someone’s face.
In the meantime, I’d put V into a hogtie and was making it increasingly rigorous. She was making great noises, but it was clear she was almost done. I pushed her one last time, forcing her to curse my name before untying her.

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