Mistress Anorexia Of The Clan Slimfast

If you every grow weary of the bullshit in the BDSM community, this speech by Laura Antoniou will seem a bracing tonic:

For crying out loud, people, if you really want to be known as Mistress Anorexia of the Clan Slimfast, I don’t care! No one cares! But when you try to tell people that your secret clan of ninja BDSMers goes back 100 years to the founding members in Budapest, and these are the secret rituals and clothing styles passed down by the Daughters of Dementia, and then you pass this kiddie crap off as real – come on. Just because a lot of people are gullible doesn’t mean everyone is. Pull the hype back a bit and cop to the fact you made it up.

Link via Mistress Matisse.

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One comment on “Mistress Anorexia Of The Clan Slimfast”:

Saddam Gomorrah commented on April 6th, 2005 at 2:54 pm:

Ah, Mistress Matisse…as usual, she is a breath of fresh, bullshit-free air.

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