A Good Wife’s Bondage Facial

She’s a good wife, and if that means entertaining her husband’s boss, she’ll take whatever he wants to dish out:

leashed and collared bondage wife takes a cum facial from her husband's boss

From Chance To Advance at Sex And Submission, a Kink Unlimited channel.

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High Voltage Fertility

Look, Dr. Nutbar, you are free to call your underground lair “la clinica della fertilità” until hell freezes over, but I know mad science when I see it. And when you spin up those flywheels and put 15,000 volts through this poor woman’s ovaries, I don’t think “fertility” is what you’re going to get. Obviously you don’t either, or else, why the shackles?

mad science fertility clinic with high voltage

From the cover of a Jacula pulp.

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To The Victor, The Spoils!

Accounts of gladiatorial combat in classical times seem mostly to focus on the life-and-death matters at hand, but we may be sure there was often plenty of captive female flesh on display in the arena at such times. Most historians seem to believe that the fleshy rewards of victory were mostly enjoyed once the gladiators were off duty and safely back in their pens and barracks, but if the games were about spectacle, you know there were plenty of scenes such as these:

chained naked slaves decorate the arena

chained nude slaves decorate the arena

naked bondage slaves decorate the arena

nude bondage slaves decorate the arena

From Edouard Suivi De La Reserve, by Georges Pichard.

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Marmite And Cuffs

Here’s a truth for you: You wouldn’t want to get Marmite on your furry handcuffs. Nope nope nope!

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Kylie Page Leashed And Roped

Neatly and securely collared, leashed, and roped: if Kylie Page hoped to escape her fate, she’s fucked. Which, not at all coincidentally, is the fate in question:

Kylie collared and leashed

Kylie leashed and tightly bound in rope

The photographer is Dave Naz, and these photos of Kylie are from the May/June 2017 issue of Hustler’s Taboo magazine. (If you don’t have access to paper copies of this excellent publication, the complete digital edition is available at the Hustler’s Taboo website, which is included in the 26-site Hustler Mega Pass offering.)

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Caged By A Wild Ape

This ferocious ape has turned the tables — wasn’t the cage supposed to be for him?

woman trapped in a cage meant for apes and monkeys

From the cover of a La Schiava fumetti comic.

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A Pair Of Bondage Fucktoys

And he has the key, what fun!

school girl cheer leader slave girls matched set pair and prisoner with a grudge has the keys to their pussies

cheerleader schoolgirls locked in chastity belts

From Dark Vengeance IV, a Dofantasy comic by Fernando.

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