Oriental Tickling Inquisition

This classic tickling art is by famous tickling artist “BAC”, who used to sell short tickling comics on paper in the 1980s:

asian tickle inquisition

BAC once wrote about how he got started:

A friend of mine published an off campus underground music and fetish rag and saw some of my drawings and asked me if I wanted to draw for his magazine. The core illustrations that became the foundation for BACCOMIX were executed as one panel spots that parodied various fetish genres. A panel titled “Tales of Tickle Torture” sparked quite a few letters to the editor. I began to think I was onto something.

Quality tickling and foot fetish material was next to non-existent at the time. Enthusiasts traded photo-copied drawings, photos and occasionally got letters published in the mainstream magazines, but there wasn’t anyone producing good material about this subject. So I decided to try my hand at creating a comic book that featured foot fetishism, bondage and tickling. Tales of Tickle Torture #1 was scribbled out in a matter of days and not knowing what to do with it, I stuffed it in a portfolio and went on my merry way.

After art school, as a starving graphic designer, I found myself low on cash. So I pulled out the TTT #1 comic and decided to try to see if there was really a market for this type of work. I sold the first copies through an ad in Fetish Times in 1984. Shortly after the ad ran I returned to my PO box to find it was packed with orders. And the rest is history.

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A Nose Pinch To Cure Blowjob Reluctance

suck it, slave

This reluctant blowjob is brought to us by Dofantasy artist Templeton, in Slave Owner Club.

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Bondage Mistake (Still Fun)

KD talks about how he got hurt (nothing serious) the first time he tied someone up for sex:

I had never tied someone up before. I was worried that if I used a knot that could slip and tighten that she could get hurt so I used a double french bowline knot. As I was edging her with my tongue her arms fought against the ropes and her legs draped over my shoulders. Her thighs squeezed tightly around my neck as I brought to climax twice.

Then, I had her take me in her mouth. I leaned back and slipped my fingers inside her as she blew me. I could feel her moans on my cock, and I had to fuck her. I grabbed a condom as she pleaded for me to fuck her. I entered her and the headboard of my bed creaked as the ropes rocked it back and forth.

Bridget was a scratcher. Whenever I was inside her, she wanted to claw at my back and chest. I could see how much she wanted to do so. My hands clenched firmly on her hips and my thumb dug into her flesh as I thrusted her towards me.

She moaned and yelled, her arms still fighting the ropes. The knot I tied was a bit too loose and her right hand slipped out as she came. It struck my nose hard. It hurt like a bitch. I wasn’t expecting it, and the shock more than the pain itself took me back. Her hand quickly covered her mouth as she tried her best not to laugh.

I didn’t try. I just busted out laughing and she followed. I was laughing so hard that I just fell onto her, our chests and stomachs vibrating against each other with our laughter. After a minute or two, we calmed down. She told me that I wasn’t bleeding, and I released the rope from the bed that was attached to her left hand. I quickly wrapped the rope from her left hand around the right as well. I put her on top of me and placed her bound wrists behind my head.

“You are going to make this up to me and you are not going to be allowed to scratch.” She rode me hard with her face next to mine and her breasts brushing lightly against my chest. I came while kissing her and she fell onto me from exhaustion. Then, we started laughing again.

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The Predicament Of Pain

This is an interesting bit of predicament bondage by Aychee:


Those bottles, though easy to hold up at first, will quickly become a burden; most people can’t even hold up their own hands on a sustained basis. And thought the bottles aren’t hugely heavy, pulling on nipple clamps they will seem very heavy indeed. The only problem I see is that she can simply drop the bottles, accept the pain in her nipples very briefly, and reach over to remove the clamps. An additional set of wrist restraints (tied wide) would solve that problem nicely!

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The Nose Hook

When there’s a bondage strain on the nose hook, you’d be amazed at how thoroughly that little loop of wire holds her entire attention focused on the tip of her own nose:

a nose hook of metal wire holds her complete attention

From Hard Tied.

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A Vigorous Bondage Flogging

The ol’ boy in this manga page seems really into this bondage flogging he’s delivering so enthusiastically:

manga flogging

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The Bondage Enema Collector

There’s no evil genius like an evil-genius shibari master with an enema fetish:

three anime/hentai rope bondage enemas

I don’t know the true source of this art, but it’s part of a large Japanese CG-art image set that’s been floating around since the BBS days; I first saw elements of that set in a UseNet image group before the World Wide Web was invented.

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