Tied To A Car For Whipping

Nobody knows better than the folks at Whipped Women that you can’t punish a girl properly with a whip unless her hands are tied. And if you’ve driven out to a lonely spot where her yelling won’t disturb the neighbors, the luggage rail on your car will be a fine place to secure her wrists:




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Tied To A Post For Sex


Art is by Jean Guyot, from a 1959 book titled Le├žons d’amour.

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Casey Calvert In Hustler

It’s been a long time since I looked at a Hustler magazine, but they didn’t used to do a lot of bondage in there. So you can imagine my surprise at seeing a Casey Calvert bondage spread in the August 2014 issue:


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Nowhere To Jump

By all accounts, a cattle prod jolt to a large muscle group makes a person jump pretty hard. How much worse must it be when a girl is locked into a heavy wooden pillory?



Photos are from the most recent update at Device Bondage. The unfortunate woman in the pillory is Emma Haize.

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Rail Riders

prostitutes punished

Before these two girls hit town, they thought they had perfected the art of the dry hustle. They spent almost a month arranging commercial sex acts, getting paid up front, and then stiffing their would-be customers by means of a variety of clever dodges and gambits. Eventually the men of the town got fed up, and a cheerful mob sentenced the girls to a very long 24 hours riding the nearest picket fence.

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Eager To Please

Bawdy Blog writes:

A girl who is sufficiently talented (and eager to please) will learn to curl her tongue even when she’s wearing a ring gag. She can’t stop her dom from shoving his dick in her mouth, but she can make it feel better when he does!

There’s a picture.

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Bound Heroine


Heroine in bondage art is by legendary comic artist Wally Wood. Via Kinky Delight.

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