Blowjob, Anticipated

If this well-secured lady doesn’t expect to have a cock in her mouth within the next five minutes, she’s not very good at predicting the future:

amateur bondage photo of a woman in rope bondage and wearing a tight leather blindfold and ring gag

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Shackled By A Cruel Blonde

I’m not sure what’s about to go down in this scene, but I’m pretty sure the cruel blonde domme plans to make it hurt:

woman shackled to a masonry wall while a nasty looking blonde stares at her

From the cover of the fumetti publication Vartàn #81.

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Whipped On The Wheel Of Pain

This wide-eyed whipped damsel is from the cover of an old Dime Mystery magazine:

pulp heroine is bound to a wheel and covered in whip welts

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Ass, Owned

The bondage here is hilariously bad. Is that a bit of fringed upholstery “rope” from a set of drapery tiebacks? No matter. It’s not designed to keep our anal fuckee in position, it’s just to remind them what ownership looks and feels like:

sloppy bondage and hard anal sex

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A Blowjob In Fuzzy Handcuffs

People laugh at fuzzy handcuffs, but they get the job done:

shackled brunette in fuzzy handcuffs on her knees to give a blowjob

From a long-defunct porn site.

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Bar Girl Fuck Amenity

It’s a very liberal shopping arcade that caters to a rough crowd. If someone wants a quick orgasm and a shot of booze in a hurry, that can be arranged for a few credits:

sex worker bondage fucked by a bar patron

Artist is Sabudenego; via Kinky Delight.

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Keeping Her Busy

It’s not enough to be shackled between two horny men. The fellow watching from the sidelines, cock in hand, will be in her as soon one of them taps out:

bondage threesome

Artist is Satyr.

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