Nose And Cheek Hooks

It turns out that you can do some fun face-bondage if you have more than one nose hook:


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Darling, Forced To Squat

I think he’s telling Darling “Welcome to your new life as a bullfrog. I hope you can catch dicks with that sticky tongue of yours…”

darling forced to squat

From the most recent update at Dungeon Sex.

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Manga Librarian’s Enema Bondage

manga librarian gets a huge hot bondage enema from an enthusiastic villain with a huge glass enema syringe and clyster

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Posted Posture Punishment

This just looks pretty until you stop and think about what her knees must feel like after any time at all in this position:

kneeling hogtie for sore knees

Of course, then it still looks pretty, but now with a side order of sadistic amusement.

From Device Bondage.

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Helpless Teens: Don’t Get In The Van!

Faye, Faye. Do you really think it’s smart to beg rides from strangers while wearing a skimpy outfit like that?

faye flags down a ride from a stranger in a van

Haven’t you ever heard that saying about “ass, cash, or grass?” Because nobody rides for free, Faye, not even (especially not even) when they are small and cute:

faye discovers her new ride guy is skeevy and wants to tie her up

Now that he’s got his rope on you, Faye, I’m afraid you’re in for a long ride to a very remote place:

faye in the van, feeling sorry for herself

All three of these pictures are from the most recent photoshoot at the brand new Helpless Teens site, which is in the Fetish Network family. Girls, you really shouldn’t get in the van!

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Five Spiked Wheels

If one pinwheel covered in sharp tines is a barrel of sensation-play fun (which it totally is) then how much more fun can you have with five parallel wheels?

This much more:

prickly 5-wheel wartenburg

The 5 Wheel Pinwheel (a sort of Wartenberg wheel on steroids) is currently on sale at 50% off, too. But I’m not sure how long that low pricing will last.

From the sales copy at The Stockroom:

This stylish steel pinwheel is the perfect medical fetish accessory or sensation toy. Five pinwheels sit on an axle that allows fluid, independent movement of each wheel, but can be rolled teasingly across the skin in a five-wide row for a unique sensory experience.

Like the Wartenberg, 2-wheel, and 7-wheel pinwheels, this device can be used with a Neon Wand and Power Tripper for a thrilling electro play experience, or on its own to create a tantalizing tingle that will put your whole body on edge!

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Bondage In The Spare Room

“Stay right here, honey. I’ll be back…”


From a manga called Cambrian.

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