Kink Unlimited: Black Friday Sale Started Early! black friday sale banner

Just once or twice a year since consolidated all of their legacy sites and current offerings into channels and rebranded the whole collection as the one-price-for-everything all-you-can-eat Kink Unlimited product, they have offered substantial discounts off the normally somewhat eye-watering (even though you really do get rather a lot for the money) $39.99 monthly price. This year’s Black Friday Sale (now through Sunday) is nominally a 50%-off sale, but that’s the most expensive offer in the bundle; you can do way better than that (as cheap as $9.99 monthly!) if you pay for more than one month at a time.

You get a metric fuck-ton of kinky shit for your money, too. Kink advertises “more than fifty kink channels” (what were formerly stand-alone subscription sites, like Sex And Submission or Hogtied). There are said to be “over 10,000 hours of HD video,” “over 12,000 shoots,” and “over 2 million photos” included with your subscription, but you know what? hasn’t updated that sales copy in at least a year, so with 10+ updates per week, I would expect the true numbers to be rather higher.

This sale is a rare opportunity to save a bunch of money. You know what to do, and this is the best chance you’re going to get to do it any time soon!

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A Bad Place To Wake Up

You know it’s a bad scene when you wake up strapped to a table with a creepy dude standing over you with a needle, and you can’t tell whether you’re in a morgue or in the crazy dude’s kitchen:

strapped to a table in a morgue or a kitchen

The illustration is from a story called Lust For Blood in Eerie Stories #1 from August, 1937.

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Thirsty In Africa

Beth is visiting Africa, and it is not going well for her:

Beth was in a small, dark corner of a stone room. She was on all fours, her legs bound to two foot-high steel posts which stuck up out of the floor. Her wrists to two more. Behind her was a much larger post, and a massive wooden tube carved like a penis protruded from that, stuffed deep into her aching pussy. Her lips were wrapped around another such object, but this one was hollow, with small, pin sized holes along the front few inches. It was so deep into her mouth she gagged if she moved even a little bit forward.

Umbwatha had used a sharp needle to pierce her nose between the nostrils, smiling thinly at her scream of pain, and now a large ring was placed there. A thin elastic cord was clipped to the ring, and attached to the post the front dildo protruded from. Thus if she moved backwards it would pull on her recently pierced nose rather painfully. The further back she pulled the more pain she would receive.
Her clitoris had also been pierced, and a similar elastic chain bound the ring piercing it to the rear post, with the same measurable limitations on her movement – although, of course, the pain was considerably worse.

Her nipples had been pierced, as well, and the rings through them were clipped to wires going straight down, pulling on her breasts. These were not elastic wires, but metal, and thus able to conduct electricity, which they did now, in small amounts.

Umbwatha had showed the mindless creature she had become, by painfully moving her body, how she might sate her frantic desire for water. And, as before, it was through pain.

The rear dildo was mounted on a spring of sorts, so that it could be pushed backwards into the post. The spring was strong, however, and required some pressure. With her legs bound apart the only way to bring pressure on it was thrusting her pussy backwards until the thick dildo actually pressed against her cervix, and then jamming it back further.

When this was done liquid was pumped through the dildo in her mouth, and seeped out through the pinholes so that she could suck on it, not unlike a babe suckling at its mother’s breast.

Of course, it was not as simple as simply jamming herself back and holding in place. She had tried that, and the liquid quickly dried up. There was some sort of pump mechanism which required the spring be continuously pushed in and out. Thus she had to thrust her pussy back again and again, pulling painfully on her nose and clitoris each time. Only in this way would the water continue to flow – albeit in minute amounts.

The longer she did this the stronger the flow of water.

And, the longer she did this the stronger the flow of electricity through the wires attached to her nipples.

From African Agony, by JJ Argus.

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Hooking Riley Reyes

Here’s a good example of the proper use of a butt hook. Tied like that, her head and neck muscles will keep a constant erotic strain on the tender tissues of her anus, and Riley Reyes will be forced to keep her muscles arched to keep the strain from growing too great:

riley reyes butt hooked with anal hook

Photo is from a recent Real Time Bondage live shoot.

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Shackled And In Peril

It’s hard to know what the shadowy figure behind our dusky shackled maiden is doing, but I don’t think she’s very impressed:

shackled nude in sexual peril

From the cover of Sexovid #2.

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Chaining Wonder Woman

Dude. That’s the best you can do?

wonder woman is not impressed with your bondage skills

Wonder Woman is not impressed.

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The Pain Master And His Incredible Machine

pulp art of tied woman menaced by pain master

This artwork illustrates a story called The Pain Master’s Bride in Eerie Stories #1 from August, 1937. It’s unclear why the Pain Master needs a gun, when his victim is so securely tied up…

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