Plugged Into The Bondage Orgasm Machine

How many orgasms can this electric device force out of our helpless bondage captive? Well, it’s basically a question of how many orgasms she can have before she passes out:

bondage orgasms via electricity

Via Electrosex Blog.

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Tina’s Bondage Defloration

Tina made the mistake of going alone to the wrong seedy bar. She wanted to pick up a man and lose her virginity, but not like this. She didn’t expect to be deflowered in bondage by a man who grabbed her in an alley and took her home in a trunk:

He brought her right hand down to the floor, slipping a buckle around the wrist and cinching it tightly. Straddling her prone body, Bart did the same to her other arm, buckling it to the rear stool support.

Tina wailed, her arm muscles knotting with tension as she writhed against her bonds. She was spread open, completely unprotected. Lying there, staring up at the big man towering over her, she watched as he slowly unbuckled his belt and drew it through his pants loops. The thought of being raped this way, of having his cock fuck through her virgin cunt, made her sick. Tina turned her head.

The biting smack of the leather belt against her belly wasn’t what she’d expected. Tina arched her spine, her muscles knotting up against her sweaty flesh while her hair whipped across her face. Peering down, she saw a large dark-pink mark appear on her belly. And there, hanging from Bart’s right hand, was his belt, the buckle buried in his paw-like fist.

“No what are you doing? Oh God, what are you doing to me?”

Bart laughed. He thought it was obvious. Curling the belt tighter, he brought it high above his head, the weapon hanging from his fist like a poisonous snake.

Tina shivered. Her ordeal had just begun.

Tina shrieked as the belt whistled through the thickening air, smacking dryly against her tits. She arched her spine, pressed her head against the bench as the awful pain throbbed through her thirty-six-inch tits.

She stared up through tear stained eyes and saw Bart smacking his lips as he looked down at her bound body. He was between her widely spread legs now, smoothing his fingers along her inner thighs, making her feel like a filthy slut.

No one had ever seen her pussy before. And now this man had her pried open, her cunt completely exposed. He was staring at it hungrily, the belt hanging threateningly from his right hand. He brought it over his head once more, sending it down in a broad arc.

Tina screamed before it touched her, already feeling the awful burn against her flesh. And when the black leather curled around her inner thigh, bringing up a red meaty welt from the surrounding white flesh, shee squealed till her throat was raw. She bounced her ass against the stool, puffing at the straps which held her wrists.

“Stop it! God God, stop it!” Tina gasped, breathless with agony.

But Bart seemed just in the middle of his excitement. He brought the belt up once more, snapping it down across her tits once again. This time the leather sizzled over her nipples, hammering the pink nubs into the surrounding flesh.

Tina shrieked, her muscles bulging against her sweaty-damp flesh while her head whipped from side to side. Another blow slashed across her tits, making the girl believe that Bart was going to beat her to death.


He brought the belt down twice rapidly, forming a blood-red cross on her belly. Curling and doubling the belt, Bart moved up a little closer, rubbing the leather up and down her cunt slit.

Tina opened her eyes, peering over her huge tits and seeing the instrument of torture snugged up against her pussy. She shook her head from side to side.

Beads of cold perspiration dotted her forehead as a shiver raced through her body, making her shake as if she were in a fit. That leather, the pressure of the cool, smooth surface of the belt was doing something to her. It was a feeling Tina had never had before in her young life.

In spite of the agonizing pain from her beating, the blonde started to feel an itchy, concentrated warmth beginning to fire in her pussy. She wrinkled her forehead, confused at the sensation as she lay there strapped to the stool. A low moan escaped from her lips as she closed her eyes tightly, drinking in the new, delicious feeling.

Bart could see the change in her attitude, and he smiled, nodding his head up and down knowingly. He brought the buckled end down to her clit, letting the cold bras rub over the partially erect nub. Her clit stiffened, making Tina throw her shoulders back and cry out.

“You little whore! You like having this done to you, don’t you? Man, you’re a hot little number!”

“No, no!”

Tina didn’t know what she was. She felt the sexual heat start up between her white, shivering legs, radiating up and down like a tiny electrical shock until her cunt began to pucker in with excitement. That kind of feeling was wrong, she knew. But she couldn’t help it.

Tina began to feel her skin tighten and glow, while her pussy grew very hot and very wet. Bart noticed the pussyjuice sucking his belt. With a snap, he brought the doubled belt down lightly over her cunt.

Tina jerked as if someone had touched her with a hot poker. She fell back against the stool, yammering and shouting while she jerked her legs against the restraining thongs. Her tits rolled and jiggled against one another while Bart brought the belt down again, this time a little to the right of her cunt.

Sparks shot into the girl’s pussy, her tiny muscles quivering and spuming with excitement. Again he swung the belt over his head, the leather sizzling through the air. Again he brought it down between her splayed thighs, the force of the blow yanking her cunthole out of shape.

Tina shrieked, her ass jerking up from the stool, then bouncing up and down frantically. He was going to kill her, going to ruin her. She would never be able to have a normal sex life after he finished with her pussy. Tina screamed out her despair, begging him to leave her alone. She jerked against the thongs, feeling the leather cut into her flesh, leaving long pink marks from the rubbing.

Bart was starting to sweat from the effort of beating her. He brought the belt down once more against her nipples, sliding the black leather over the nubs.

Tina swallowed a lump of fear, grateful that at least he had left her cunt alone. Then the belt slipped up her chest, sliding over her smooth white flesh until it was at the base of her throat. She gulped in a lungful of air and held it. Just at that point, Bart brought the belt down over her windpipe.

Tina groaned her eyes popping open with fear while her legs and arms spasmed against their restraints. He was strangling her. She could feel the leather against her windpipe, pressing it shut. He nostrils burned, and her head throbbed. Sheer terror bleached her mind of any thought except survival.

The girl felt spit gathering up the base of her throat while her lungs burned, begging for oxygen. Her tongue wriggled out, wagging over her cracked lips as her eyes started even more from her head. Tina felt the room starting to fade from focus. She was spinning downward, a black veil starting to shade everything as the belt pressed rentlessly against her throat. The clawing movements of her fingers decreased as she fell into unconsciousness.

“Ain’t gonna let you die baby,” Bart said, taking the belt from her threat at just the right moment.

Tina coughed, turning her head to one side and gagging as she gulped in lungful of air. The rush of oxygen. What a horrid, dangerous man! She looked up at him.

Bart let her gasp for a moment, then unzipped his fly, pushing his Levi’s down to his knees.

Tina stared wide-eyed at what sprang up from between his legs. She is seen pictures of cocks of cows. Sex education class had taken are of that. But this was the first time she had seen a cock hard.

His prick was big, way bigger than anything she had seen in her dumb books. And the cockhead! It had to be at least two inches across, she thought. He scratched his cock and balls, letting her study his prick for a moment before leaning forward.

“No, no, don’t don’t do that to me!” she cried, her eyes widening with fear. “Don’t touch me with that thing!”

“You don’t wanna get fucked by this mother?” Bart asked. “Most women would beg for something like this sawin’ up into their pussy. You’re gonna be wanting it every day by the time I get through with you!”

Tina could feel the bloated cockhead rubbing up against he cunt. He would savage her with that cock, tear her pussy into ruin. She felt the pressure against her cuntlips, felt them flattening back while Bart leaned heavily against her, his hands pressing against her shoulders. It was going in! God in heaven, it was going in! She could feel her cunt giving way, the tiny muscles relaxing while her pussylips stretched thin.

“No no!”

Her cries were growing weaker, the cords sticking from her neck as she rolled her head from side to side. He was making headway, pushing his prick into her while digging his fingernails into her shoulders. She felt the thick, hot boring mass burn through her, making her lift her ass from the bench.

Tina sobbed wildly, growing hysterical as Bart pulled back, then fucked forward with a wild grunt. Tina felt the cockhead pushing down, burrowing into her cunt until it touched the thin cherry membrane stretched across her pussy.

Tina shrieked, shaking her head violently from side to side and tugging against the thongs holding her prisoner.

“Man, you’re cherry all right! Nice! I like pokin’ a virgin. Nice to know you’re the first, right? Man, the first in this little bitch! Bet I won’t be the last, not after we get you good and trained.”

“No!” Tina groaned, snapping her head back, feeling the thin membrane start to rip under the pressure. It was an agony she had never felt before. It radiated out from her cunt, smashing up her spine and tearing into her brain. She thought for a moment she would pass out as her raspy breaths turned into strangled cries.

Bart pulled back, shaking the sweat from his forehead. She could feel his fingers gripping her more firmly, his knees rubbing against her upturned ass. His cockhead moved back, then pushed forward relentlessly, smashing against her cherry without stopping. It was as if he had a burning knife and were tearing her cunt to pieces with it. The girl screamed and shrieked her throat raw, spit flying from her mouth as Bart pushed down and finally ripped through the tiny membrane.

Tina threw back her head and shrilled out a terrible scream, bright-yellow lights popping behind her eyes. It felt as if he had driven a knife right into her cunt. The girl’s eyes rolled up into her head while she continued screaming as loudly as she could. Even Bart’s constant backhanding across her face couldn’t reach her. He had fucked her, really fucked her!

Tina rolled her head from side to side, coughing and gagging on her spit as she felt her cuntwalls snugging up against Bart’s prick. Oh God! She had never, never thought getting fucked would be so painful!

“Man, you’re tight! I mean, like a fist!” Bart gasped, licking her throat, then catching her head and forcing his tongue through her lips. Tina thought about biting his tongue. But she knew better, sensing Bart would hurt her even more if she tried something like that.

Lying there, Tina could feel his hard cock throbbing deep inside her, starting to slide back and forth, the top rubbing up against her clit. He pulled his tongue from her mouth, watching her closely as he began sliding his prick back and forth.

“UHHuhhh! Uhhhh!”

The girl writhed her shoulder blades against the bench each time he pulled back, then shoved in once again, rocking his hips from side to side. To her surprise, Tina felt her body starting to stretch around the fat cock, accommodating the thick-muscled meat as he began fucking her in earnest. Bart started increasing his ramming length, leaning forward slightly so his cock would continuously rub against her clit.

Tina started feeling something starting up between her spread thighs, something that stopped her screams and groans, something that made her grunt each time the big stud fed her his cock. Screwing up her forehead, Tina vowed she wouldn’t let Bart excite her. Surely she couldn’t be feeling delight at what was happening to her. He had roped her, beaten her, and now was raping her. He had torn away her cherry!

But Tina couldn’t deny what was starting to happen. The juice was starting to run thick from her cunt, coating her curly hair, seeping over her thighs and wetting Bart’s balls. He could feel the slickness starting and he laughed down at her, tugging at the girl’s hair and making her squeal.

“Man, when you’ve got it coming outta you that bad, you’re really hot! So much for all that virgin shit, right? You can’t get enough now, huh?”

“No, no, you’re lying!”

But Tina couldn’t deny the truth. He mind had snapped somewhere during the rape. She could smell the sweet odor of fucking that was heavy in the room. She could feel the hardness of Bart’s body pressing into her as he clutched at her, fucking down deep. And then he shoved his cock all the way in after having nearly pulled it all the way out. His strokes were getting longer, deeper, slower. Tina felt herself taking all the cock she could.

“You’re real slippery down there! Shit, I could get my fist up there if I wanted!”

Tina felt her pussy tremble, then tighten up, squeezing his cock as it penetrated her body. She could feel his huge cockhead as it worked its way down, back up, then down again. The hard prick was making the full length of her cunt tremor and shake. When the shivers began to become regular, Tina knew she was going to cum soon.


Her fingers worked against one another as she arched her spine, writhing as best she could against the bench. Bart was fucking faster now, his cock pushing through her cunt like a hot branding iron through butter. As the spasms of her cunt became stronger, she could feel her cunt starting to twist and shiver, sparks showering into her pussy.

Tina opened her mouth to say something. But the only thing escaping her lips was a long, steady moan. Her eyes glazed over as she felt Bart’s teeth biting down hard on her right nipple. He was tearing at the sensitive flesh, lifting her tit and shaking it from side to side the way a dog shook a rabbit he’d just caught.

Tina loved the pain, and her cunt tightened up hard and started to milk at the fucking prick.

The only things she could think of were his prick, the ropes holding her arms prisoner to the stool, and the thongs spreading her legs out, hiking them high so Bart could fuck her all the better.


He was sucking hard on her other nipple now, his hands gripping her upper arms while his hips slammed again and again against he thighs. Her pussy was hot, sore, and stretched. She wouldn’t be able to piss for a week, she thought, as her cunt gripped onto the fucking cock and held on.

Tina could feel her clit about to blast apart, throbbing so hard she thought it would tear off. She had never, never felt anything like it, even in the most wild imaginings in he bedroom, when she touched herself and thought of guys fucking her.

“Man! You’re uhhh too much, slut! Real good, real ahhhhh!”

Bart stiffened, his body jerking as he fucked deep into her body. Tina moaned, biting her lower lip until it bled. The girl strangled the cry in her throat as she whipped her legs against him. He had locked himself tightly around her, lifting her from the bench with every move he made. She could feel her cunt shiver, then break into orgasmic spasms as he pulled back.

Tina screamed, feeling her pussy walls clench down on the throbbing prick. The power of her spasms nearly knocked her out as explosions shot through her brain. Her squishy cunt widened a bit for Bart’s cock, then snapped shut. Tina sobbed and groaned, twisting her ass around. It was horrible. She had disgraced herself under this man, rutting like a street bitch when she should have been screaming for him to stop.


Bart’s cum started shooting, burning down the tube of his cock like burning oil. His load poured out, jetting into the exploding heat of Tina’s cunt.

The tremendous climax that shook through her cunt sent her floating away, moaning and sighing as she wiggled against his hairy body. Her pussy jerked in rhythm to her beating clit as she felt the jetting streams of his cum spatter against her pussy walls. He was sucking at her mouth and ears hard, biting into her flesh like a raging animal while fucking deep into her body.

Tina wanted to smile at the waves of satisfaction washing through her body, but somehow that didn’t seem proper. Groaning, she lay there, feeling her cunt hold tightly onto the shooting cock while the final shots of cum spat out from Bart’s cockhead.

Tina felt exhausted, drained of all will. Bart was still making little fucking motions with his hips, working them around, digging his cockhead against her cuntwalls and enjoying her startled little cries.

He pulled back slowly, bracing his hands against her shoulders, watching her pussy pucker out as his prick kept scooping out the mix of her juices and his spunk. When he was all the way out, he knelt down next to her, fingering her tits and laughing…

From Whipped Raped Daughter by Paul Gable.

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Fucking A Chained Cheerleader

cover art from Chained Cheerleader stroke book

The following scene describes what it’s like when the corrupt manager of a football team promises one of his players that he can fuck a cheerleader if he plays well. And because the cheerleader in question is chained to a fence, neither the manager nor the player worries at all how the cheerleader feels about any of this:

“Get away from me!” she cried, knowing it would do no good. The sight of the chain-link fence that separated their lockers from the property room gave her an idea. If she could get into the property room, she might be able to lock the gate and keep this cock-sporting football player away.

The terrified girl ran to the chained gate. She rattled futilely at it, a cold feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. She realized that there would be no escape for her. Not now, not with the football player getting into the spirit of the chase. To him it was nothing more than a little added fun.

She jerked savagely at the locked gate, knowing it wouldn’t budge and yet having to try. Through that door lay her only hope of safety.

Tits bouncing, the ruddy tips tracing out sexy figure eights in the air in front of her chest, she turned from the locked gate and tried to evade the player with a quick end-run.

He was waiting for her.

The blonde ran squarely into his arms. She struggled but it did no good. He was too strong. The girl tried to kick him, her booted feet her best weapon. He hardly noticed. He was too heavily padded for her to injure enough to get away.

“Hey, beautiful, why struggle so much? This is going to be fun!”

She felt his prick force its way between her tightly clenched thighs. The idea that he could fuck her whenever he wanted robbed her of all dignity. She was only a piece of property to this man. She was his reward. He had done good and now he got to fuck her.

“She’s all yours, Charlie,” came Bradford’s cold voice from the shadows of the semi-dark locker room.

In that instant, Debbie hated him more than she had ever hated anyone in her life. He was everything she loathed in the world. He didn’t have a single human feeling in his body. His heart had been taken out years ago and replaced with a cash register. If the team won, he kept his job, maybe got a pay raise. If the team lost, he might be fired. Therefore, in his mind, it was all right to do whatever he could to keep the players happy.

Letting them fuck the cheerleaders was a simple enough reward, from Bradford’s point of view. From Debbie’s, it was stark terror.

“Get away from me!” she bellowed, hoping the player would get the message. The way his prick pulsed and jerked with added virile life, she could tell he was even more turned on by her fear than before.

“No way, beautiful blonde lady. I’m going to fuck you. I was promised and I’m going to have that tight little pussy of yours. I bet you’ve just been waiting for a stud like me, haven’t you?”

His arms tightened around her trim body. He picked her up and tossed her against the chain-link fence. She felt the squares of wire cutting into her tender flesh. She moaned and tried to escape. It wasn’t possible. She was helpless in his grip, nothing more than a trapped animal.

She groaned as he moved a little closer to her. His cock prodded the juicy lips of her pussy. She could hardly believe that the chase had turned her on. She felt nothing but stark, gut-wrenching terror, yet she couldn’t deny the fact that her pussy was getting damp. She was starting to flow with oily fuck fluid just as if she were in bed with a man she loved.

This wasn’t going to be fun, it was going to be rape — and she was as turned on by the prospect as if she were spreading her legs willingly for the man she loved. The girl was horror-struck and knew she wasn’t supposed to be aroused. There was no denying the feelings welled up inside her cunt, though. She was hot for this football player’s raping prick.

Confused, frightened, she didn’t know what to do. The moment she stopped struggling the man found the warm, moist place he wanted to stuff his cock. His prick surged into her awaiting cunt.


The entire world shook around her. She felt heavy hands pawing at her tender breasts. The titflesh flowed under those meaty fingers like putty. He was trying to rearrange her jugs into another shape. The harder he squeezed, the more resilient her tits became. They bobbed under his groping hand until she was breathless.

“Please, oh, sweet Jesus, please don’t do this to me.”

Her words said one thing and her body another. She felt the heat of his cock pressing into the tiny, clutching walls of her pussy. This was rape! She shouldn’t enjoy it, but she was. She needed cock. The leaping and cavorting around as a cheerleader had turned her on. The feeling that the camera followed her every sexy movement outside made her hornier than hell. Now that real cock, virile cock, pushing repeatedly into her needy cunt was all it took to rob her of all her strength.

She went weak in the knees and collapsed down around the spike of hard manmeat rammed to the hilt up her pussy.

“See, you like it,” the player gloated. “And it gets better. Just wait till I really get to fucking. Shit, baby, you have the tightest cunt I ever felt around my pecker. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought you were a cherry-carrying virgin!”

The man spoke for his own benefit. He wanted to hear those words to get himself really turned on. The effect on Debbie was much the same. The feel of his prick sliding easily back and forth in her cunt thrilled her. The heavy hands mauling her soft, fleshy tits were enough to make her breath come in tortured, sharp gasps.

Her legs spread a little more, almost of their own volition. She felt wanton and sullied. She was filthy, dirty, perverted. A good girl didn’t let a man rape her without struggling. But she was helpless and she knew it full well. There wasn’t any way in hell she could hope to fight off this burly football player. His cock was only an indication of his true size. Sure, that prick was long and it filled her pussy to overflowing, but it was his strong hands on her tits that really held her pinned against the chain link fence.

He fucked with longer, more powerful strokes. She moaned every time his prick blasted into her seething interior. Her cunt walls clamped down hard on the male invader, trying to hold it inside. She was turning greedy. She wanted it all and she wanted it now.

The pain from the fucking almost pulled her attention away from the pleasure of the cock fucking her. The girl’s back was criss-crossed with the pattern of the chain link fence. Her butt, still not recovered from the whipping given it by Bradford, throbbed and ached horribly. But the friction of the cock fucking her juiced-up pussy was enough to soothe her, to warm her belly and to excite her to the point of climax.

“No, no,” she moaned, “don’t do this to me.”

She said those words but deep down she wanted more of his cock. Wrapping one slender, white leg around the man’s waist, she pulled him a little deeper into her cunt. The feel of his bell-shaped glans digging deeper and deeper into her soft yielding cunt pushed her over the brink of orgasm.
She came.

But the man wasn’t satisfied with the fucking. He obviously wanted more. She felt him lifting her up with one impossibly strong arm. Something rattled and she felt links of chain circling her lift wrist. Struggling failed to free her hand. Bradford had chained her to the fence. Twisting around, she attempted to keep her other hand free. She failed.

She was chained spread-eagle to the fence. What was worse, the man’s prick slipped from her hungry pussy with a lewd, juicy plop. Empty inside, abandoned and chained to the fence, she simply hung there. Never had the girl felt more forlorn or humbled. The blonde’s feet failed to touch the cold concrete floor by almost two inches. Her entire weight was suspended by her arms and shoulders.
Already, they had begun to ache under the strain of her weight.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked. “Why me? What have I ever done to you?”

Bradford stood looking at his handiwork. He checked the chains and the locks he had placed on them, insuring her imprisonment. He smiled and said nothing. That was worse than if he had boasted about her captivity, her helplessness. They both knew that she was his to do with as he pleased.

“Hey, let me get back in and get to fucking, huh, Mr. Bradford?” demanded the football jock. His cock gleamed in the dim fight of the smelly locker room. The cunt juice drying on his cock had turned it into a shaft of the purest silver. Visibly, as the cunt oil evaporated, his erection turned back into a throbbing alive, red cock.

“Let me hold one of her legs. We’ll make sure you can really fuck into the tightest possible pussy,” said Bradford, casually grabbing one of Debbie’s white booted feet and pulling the leg up.

He held her so that her leg was at a right angle to her body. She hung, suspended from the chain-fink fence, her bonds rattling as more and more weight was applied to them. She began to feel the full effects of the degradation.

Her pussy was obscenely exposed to the man wanting to fuck her. Her blonde-rimmed pussy trembled with fear at the impact of the man’s cock. The way Bradford held her leg insured the tightest possible cunt to drive into.

“Yeah, that’s more like it,” the player said. He grabbed Debbie’s other foot and tucked it under his arm as if it were the football and he didn’t want the other team to ever strip it from his grip. He moved forward. The girl had to close her eyes. This was too horrible to be happening to her.

She felt the strain mounting in her shoulders. The cold metal link grating behind her cut mercilessly into her soft, white flesh. The way her legs were spread kept her from struggling. But even a token protest wasn’t possible for her.

Hands and feet immobilized, she was completely at Bradford’s mercy. And the man had no mercy whatsoever. He laughed aloud as the player moved into the widespread vee of her thighs and pushed his cock back into her small-diametered cunt.

Debbie felt she was going to be ripped apart. The cock drove in fast and hard. She felt the plum-tipped cock spread her pussy lips and then explode all the way up into her guts. The friction burned at her cunt walls. She trembled like a leaf in a high wind. The pain rose in her body from the twisted, contorted position, but still the man shoved his cock deeper into her belly.

“Stop it!” she begged. But it did no good. She could tell by the look on the man’s face that he wasn’t going to stop fucking her until he came. He was too far lost in the wonderland of lust for that.

His hips pistoned in and out, sending his cock raking along the tender walls of her cunt until she wanted to die. This wasn’t the way fucking was supposed to be. It was supposed to be tender and passionate and slow and wonderful. This was quick and brutal and she had never felt more abused in her young life.

The player’s hands probed the most intimate portions of her body. While her leg remained under his arm, his hand explored her asshole. A finger traced her tiny anus and drove hard and fast into her shit chute.

She screamed — and she got off on it. The orgasm crushing her body was totally unexpected. The girl hated herself for being so weak. It seemed as if any sex, no matter how she got it, was all right with her body. The feel of the man’s finger exploring her asshole should have turned her off entirely. This was rape. This was brutal. This was degrading.

She came again.

Everything conspired against her. The pain that should have prevented, her sexual pleasure somehow added to it. She had something to compare the ecstatic pleasures of a cock reaming out her seething hot pussy to. The pain built up and actually got her off again.

“I … aaaieee!”

Her body quivered and she lifted her hips in a vain attempt to jam her snatch down over the man’s impaling spike of hard cock. The way she was chained and held by the two men prevented much motion on her part. But it did spur the man to a faster tempo. He fucked her with long, powerful strokes that set her innards on fire.

“More, give me more! I hate it! I hate you both! And I want more!”

Bradford laughed harshly. She barely heard him over the pounding of her own pulse in her head. Temples throbbing like the beat of a drum, she knew she was far gone sexually. The man fucking her began to diddle himself with the finger that was stuffed all the way up her ass.

“Hey, damn, this is fucking great!” he cried. “I can feel my cock through her guts. She sure as hell is a tight and hot bitch! Wow!”

She cried openly now. The conflicting emotions ripping her apart inside added to the power of her comes. The man’s prick got her off again and again. She couldn’t control herself. Pain built up in her body. The way her legs were being harshly yanked apart compressed her cunt around the man’s cock. She knew he was going to rip her apart with that fleshy sword.

He didn’t.

What he did do was fuck her until she came like a human machine gun! Again and again she came, until she hardly realized she was smashing herself back against the chain-link fence. Her legs were kept too wide for her to do much else but bob up and down in an attempt to get more cock into her greedy little pussy.

Her actions were further guided by the thick finger jammed all the way into her asshole. The man drove his cock over the tip of his finger, only a thin membrane separating his digit from his hard-fucking cock. And when he came, it seared her guts as if he had spewed acid into her captive twat.

From the 1980s stroke book Chained Cheerleader, by Robert Vickers.

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Vintage Japanese Rope Bondage

A stick, a chair, and some ropes: this vintage Japanese rope bondage is simple-but-odd in a very traditional Japanese way.

woman tied with rope and a heavy wooden dowel in vintage Japanese rope bondage

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Psychedelic Bondage Horror

I think this psychedelic bondage art from a groovy Italian horror fumetti may be the first time I’ve ever seen a skull placed to censor an otherwise bare pussy:

shackled girl with a skull guarding her bare pussy in this psychedelic bondage art

It’s detail from the cover of Fumetti Folk #5.

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Deb’s Bondage Training

Like many good bondage stories, Deb’s begins when she wakes up on the training farm, confused and disoriented and strapped down, with a burning pussy from the aphrodesiac drugs that were in the drink she should never have drank:

When Deb woke up the next morning she felt a tingling and burning in her cunt. Without opening her eyes she instinctively tried to moved her hand to her pussy. Her eyes sprang open when she realized her arms were being restrained somehow. She tried to turn her head but found it held in place somehow. She frantically tried to move her feet and legs. From what she could see and feel, she was in some sort of a metal chair that was reclined to a 45 degree angle. As Deb looked down at her own body, she realized she was naked and secured with thick leather straps to the metal chair.

“Chair” was the closest word that came to her mind, but it was not like any chair she had ever sat in. The chair seemed as though someone had attached a cold, flat suit of armor, onto the entire back side of her body. It was bent at just the right places to fit the joints of her arms, legs, shoulders and hips. This suit of armor however was frozen in position with her legs bent at the knees and her legs spread out to each side. Her arms were slightly bent at the elbows and spread out away from her body.

As she realized her situation she tried to spit out the object in her mouth. The ball gag pressing into her mouth was not only fastened to the back of her head, but was part of the restraint tied to the chair device.

“Mrs. Johnson,” a voice she recognized as Jeff’s boomed out from behind her. “There’s no need to talk, I know what you are going to say and I am not interested in hearing it,” Jeff spoke as he walked around the chair and stood between her wide spread knees, looking at her open and very exposed sex.

“I will explain quickly why you are here, because it fits with my plans to do so,” Jeff talked as he unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and let them slide to the floor. Deb stated at the monster size cock swinging between the man’s legs.

“You’ve been given a drug I found in Japan, that will stimulate the nerves and heighten the feelings around your cunt and nipples. The tingling you feel works to keep you aroused when not being touched. The craving effects are irresistible and usually last for 3 to 4 hours. What you were given last night was a small oral dose, combined with mostly knockout drops. You should have had some wild dreams last night,” Jeff explained as he stroked his long cock.

“I must tell you, there is one small side effect of the drug you’ve been given jest now. It will not allow you to reach orgasm, which is extremely useful in this part of the training,” Jeff smiled as he watched the terror and excitement on the face of the woman bound before him.

Deb tried to fight the incredible stirrings in her pussy. As her cunt muscles involuntary squeezed together she felt her pussy juices gush out and run down the crack of her ass. Jeff placed the tip of his cock on Deb’s clit and rubbed it up and down while he spoke. Deb stopped listening for several seconds as her whole body exploded with the feelings she was experiencing from the touch of Jeff’s cock on her now engorged clit…

From Deb’s Farm Training by Jake Speare.

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The Bamboo And Rope Bondage Twins

What a cute matched set of bondage twins! The rope harness and bamboo elbow restraint would probably be enough to keep them secure, but the heavy wooden neck stocks keeps them neatly packaged:

a matched set of kneeling bondage twins from Kitan Club

Artwork from Kitan Club.

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