Bondage, Birching, And Sex

A bit of light bondage and friendly birching is a great way to warm up an afternoon of rough sex, don’t you think?

a day of wild sex, bondage, and birch whippings

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When Slavegirls Kiss

What do conservative assholes do when they discover that their daughters are lesbians? You’ve heard of those “pray away the gay” therapy centers, of course. Less widely known is that there is a small network of “depravity deprogramming” centers where gay young people are sent for aversive deprogramming. Here we see two frustrated former lovers trying to kiss at such a center:

two lesbians trying to kiss while wearing a dildo gag and a ring gag

Or, not. Perhaps it’s just another exciting day at the Hard Tied studios.

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Self Bondage For Authors

This might even work:

the isolator hood for authors

The Isolator

The author at work in his private study aided by the isolator. Outside noises being eliminated, the worker can concentrate with ease upon the subject at hand.

Although, I do wonder about the gas cylinder. Nitrous to keep his mood up?

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Beat It Now: Sex And Submission Price Increase

Word has reached the alpine fastnesses of Bondage Blog that Sex And Submission is having a price increase on November 1. (There’s actually a huge banner on the front page, I’m such a detective.) If you subscribe sooner than that, you can lock in the current price.

If you were thinking of subscribing (again, or for the first time) then a word to the wise is sufficient: get it done now, beat the rush, and save some money.

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A Bondage Scarecrow For Halloween

Harvest festivals are so much fun! Surplus pumpkins, beautiful weather, pretty girls begging to be tied up — what’s not to like?

halloween sacrificial pumpkin scarecrow  crucified

This image is from Sexually Broken, where they had a lot of fun fixing up Darling as a pumpkin-headed jack-o-lantern crucified bondage scarecrow. Or is she a humorous offering and sacrifice to the horned god? You decide! (Well, actually I suppose the horned god decides, but let’s not get theological. Meanwhile somewhere out there a dude is going “Baby, I got yer horned god right here…”)

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Her New Owner Likes Bondage Anal

The current storyline in the Tales Of Gnosis College is generating some fine bondage pages, like the one from which this panel is taken:

her new owner likes anal sex in tight rope bondage

Our heroine says on the full page “My new owner is French guy named Jacques Morrellet. Guy really really likes anal, which hurts a lot at first. Over time I get used to it.”

Thanks as always to Erotic Mad Science and artist Lon Ryden.

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Revenge For The Blowjob Machine

Remember the automatic blowjob machine, which consisted of a reciprocating sex machine, a ring gag, and an open-mouthed girl with a forcibly and endlessly reciprocating head? Well, Isis Love thinks that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Thus she’s cobbled up the automatic pussy machine to torment hard but helpless men at Divine Bitches:

Isis Love with her answer to the blowjob machine

It’s simplicity itself: a Fleshlight (which she has clearly bedazzled!) married to a Fuck Saw.

Isis Love's pussy machine

She’s coming for Wolf Hudson’s jism and she plans to extract it all:

Isis Love and her automatic pussy machine

Isis Love takes her revenge for the blowjob machine concept

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