Kinky Phone Sex

Phone sex? In 2018? Rope Guy, are you serious?

Fuck yeah I’m serious. Phone sex is one of those great ideas that never went away. Long before the internet was a thing, long before a bunch of you younger whippersnappers were even born, the back of every porn magazine was packed with colorful phone sex ads and 1-800 phone numbers.

And here’s the kinky deal: a skilled phone sex operator, she doesn’t give a fuck how twisted or dirty your bondage fantasies are. The kind of healthy bondage sex and BDSM stuff we do here at Bondage Blog won’t even make her stop buffing her nails. She most likely heard several crazier, filthier, more depraved things while she was still adjusting her Bluetooth headset and pouring the almond milk into her Wheaties bowl this morning. She is 100% ready to talk about your bondage sex fantasies and make them real in a phone sex session. No worries, mate!

But it’s 2018, and nowadays porn magazines are no longer a thing, so where do phone sex operators advertise? For starters, you can find a bunch of phone sex numbers to call here. That link is a reviewed list (maintained by The Big Fling website) of traditional pay-per-minute professional phone sex operators, free and pay-by-the minute sex-chat services, and some hybrid services that mix some or all of the above.

At this moment when I am writing there are currently a dozen different phone sex services profiled on The Big Fling’s reviews/listing page, of which more than half appear to offer the traditional professional phone sex experience. Although I’ve long been aware that a skilled PSO (phone sex operator) can deliver a good time to the kinkiest customer, it’s rare to see listings like this spelling out and reviewing the different services provided. In a world where sex chat services, telephone dating services, and other similar offerings abound, things can get confusing in a hurry. Having a detailed paragraph or two explaining what the business model of each service is, talking about their billing practices, giving you an idea of what to expect when you call, and just generally prepping you for what is going to happen when you pick up the phone? It’s really quite handy! The internet has taught us to look for and rely upon this sort of capsule review sites for every kind of goods and services we might desire. Useful ones in the realm of adult services remain much less common than I think they should be, but this phone sex listing definitely qualifies!

the big fling phone sex site banner

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Hungry Slave Denied Even The Cum

Most of the men come in her mouth. Because of course they do. But they all know that she’s being punished, and that she hasn’t been fed since she was assigned to pole duty three days ago. So the cruelest men pull out and finish on her face and in her hair, to deny her even that tiniest bit of warm nourishment that her hungry mouth earns with so much effort:

bondage blowjob slave with jizz in her hair and on her face

Artwork is by Ted Owen, who has a Patreon.

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Den Of Whipping Slaves, Redux And In Color!

When I speculated the other day about the dithered monochrome chained girls graphic that I thought was a debased version of some more nuanced artwork “that probably graces a sexploitation movie poster somewhere” it turns out that I was bang on the money. Someone who has been at this bondage imagery game even longer than I have — the vast curatorial intellect who runs Bondage Cover Of The Day, and has done so since approximately forever — left a comment identifying various poster art for the Jess Franco movie The Bloody Judge as the source:

bloody judge lobby card artwork

The move had several different release names and got released in multiple countries and languages, so there are numerous poster designs and versions of the art. I like this Spanish lobby card for being a bit cleaner, with the text more separated from the artwork:

bloody judge spanish lobby card

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A Collection Of Ass

These guys take their buttsex-slave collecting very seriously:

twenty anal slaves in tiny steel cages

Artwork is by Cervolex.

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Groveling On A Leash

Her sorority sisters have put her on a dog leash and are making her crawl. I’m not clear on the rest of the circumstances; all I know is that this is a promotional photo for the porn movie Coed Fever, circa 1980:

leashed coed sorority hazing

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A Sacrifice To The Giant Bugs

I can tell you right now, I don’t even want to live on the same continent with giant creepie-crawlies like the ones in this illustration. So it sure would seem to me that a disobedient girl would reconsider several times before risking this punishment:

disobedient slavegirl tied in the swamp to be eaten by giant bugs and frogs

From Kitan Club.

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Bring Me The Skull Of The Marquis De Sade

No, wait, got it right here:

skull of de sade

Or, you know, not. If you look closely, that’s not a skull, though it is a vaguely skull-shaped object. This blog post from 2012 says the photo above “has been floating around the internet without a definite provenance” and might be a photo of a plaster mold of de Sade’s skull found in the anthropology laboratory of France’s Musee de l’Homme. The original skull itself? Apparently last seen in the possession of world-traveling phrenologist and showman named Johann Spurzheim, who died in Boston of typhoid in 1832.

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