Clamped Tongue And Tits

Tightened properly, those screw clamps on her nipples will be making her want to scream. But the clamp on her tongue should be limiting her ability to get all that loud with it:

wooden clamps on tongue and nipples

From a vintage bondage magazine, but I don’t know which one.

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Bondage Enema On Webcam

It is not easy to neatly administer yourself your daily enema while shackled in this position. But she learned long ago to do a neat job. The “little masters” — as her captor calls them — who pay for her webcam shows don’t like to see awkwardness, and they can punish her; if they ask for it in channel and are willing it pay, the hooded man who keeps her will make the enema bigger, hotter, or put extra strong soap in it, or even hot pepper powder she doesn’t know about in advance:

japanese woman forced to administer her own enema while shackled over pit-style toilet with her hands bound behind her back

The art is from Kitan Club.

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The Nipple Poker

You know if it was you, standing there looking at those tightly-tied bulging breasts with that light sheen of oil and sweat on them, you would be doing the same thing. Poke the nipple in, watch it pop out, poke it in, watch it pop out…

poking her tightly tied nipples

Man, I could do that all day.

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Vintage Porn Movie Wheelchair Bondage

This is the badly lit and even more badly tied actress Raven Turner, as seen in the 1981 porn movie Flash:

raven turner tied to a wheelchair

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Tits Tied With Wire

I remember that this photo was on the cover of a vintage bondage magazine, but I do not for the life of me remember which one:

tightening the electrical wire on her tits with a pair of pliers

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Bazaar Purchase

She bought a new toy at the bazaar to take home to her husband. The girl seems surly, but no matter; they’ll soon adjust her attitude!

leading a surly harem girl by a rope home from the slave market

Artwork is by Leone Frollo.

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Virtual Reality Bondage Porn

I have been watching with considerable interest as the virtual reality porn industry grows. But, as is typical with new-technology entrants into the porn business, early adopters have tended to drive right up the middle of the road, keeping between the ditches when it comes to kink and fetish. “Vanilla” porn has always been the mass market, so that’s where something like VR porn goes first. And thus the slickest new movies released into the VR market have not tended to be made for for bondage aficionados like you and me.

But all that vanilla frustration in your expensive virtual reality headset (or in your cheap one for that matter) is finally changing! At number 126 in the Czech VR Fetish catalog, with the promising title of “1st Bondage on CzechVR!”, they finally offer a slick new 33-minute VR bondage movie release at

vr bondage movie

This is, indeed, the first pure BDSM title I have seen in any of the VR porn listings I’ve perused since the category first started becoming a thing a couple of years ago. The movie features a cute-as-a-button performer called “Lady Bug” in a bondage and spanking extravaganza, of which the following screenshot is just a tiny taste:

I promise that Lady Bug’s left arm is not four times thicker than her right! You see that little circle on the right of the screenshot? Like most of the fancy VR sites now, Czech VR Fetish uses a preview standard (at least in my Chrome browser and other compatible browsers) that allows us to zoom and pan within the preview clip with our mouse and scroll-wheel. That circle is an indicator of the “direction” of our view, and the distortion is an artifact of trying to display a 3D image on a two-dimensional computer screen. It is, after all, a preview designed to entice us to put on our VR headsets; it’s not supposed to be perfect! I would nonetheless consider it a huge improvement on the side-by-side one-for-each-eye Viewmaster-style preview clips that were the default standard on many sites as recently as six months ago.

Speaking of headsets, this and similar offerings from Czech VR Fetish seem to support the entire gamut of currently-available VR systems. Or, at least, the advertised laundry list of supported headsets is larger than my awareness of systems out there. The list includes Oculus, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, GearVR, Daydream, Oculus Go, Playstation.VR, and the various smartphone-based systems. Video features for greater immersion include moving camera, binaural sound, stereoscopic 3d, and 180-degree video.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see bondage titles finally coming to the VR porn world. Here’s hoping that we soon see many more!

czech vr fetish banner

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