Unwelcome Bondage Tit-Licking

It does not appear that our gagged and strapped beauty entirely appreciates having her tits licked by a naked man. Which only demonstrates his excellent foresight in tying her up properly before getting friendly with his tongue:

naked man licks the breasts of his tightly bound kidnap victim

licking and biting her tits

Photos are from a 1980s HOM (House of Milan) bondage magazine.

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Pirate Bondage: “Walk The Plank!”

I guess it doesn’t make all that much difference in the middle of the Caribbean, but it always struck me as unsporting for pirates to make their victims “walk the plank” in bondage. Not that there’s anywhere to swim to in shark-infested waters, but why not let them try? It all comes down to the pragmatics of terrorism, I suppose; if the notion is to be known as bad guys, a bit of gratuitous evil fills the bill!

female pirate captive in blindfold and rope bondage is forced to walk the plank by a brutal pirate with a stabby sword

Artwork is from a 1960s Kitan Club.

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Airtight In Bondage

Tied up, blindfolded, and enjoying an “airtight” bondage spit-roast: it’s the dream of many women, but was it her dream? Or was she just in the wrong place at the right time?

rough bondage airtight spitroast

Art is by Eudetenis.

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His Blowjob Captive

As porn magazine kidnappers go, this guy is more practical than many. He’s got her, he’s going to make sure she’s useful:

woman chained and tied to a trestle or sawhorse is forced to suck her kidnapper's cock

This is from a vintage euro-porn mag, but I’m not sure which one.

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Bondage Vibrator Fun

The vicious bullies who locked her in the supply closet with a vibrator buzzing away on her clit didn’t tell her this, but they bought the super-heavy-duty long-draw AA batteries. She’s counting on those batteries going dead soon, but they’ve got at least ten hours left to run. And the way she’s fixed and gagged, there’s no way to get loose or scream loud enough for hope of rescue:

bondage vibrator predicament

Art is by Gbeee.

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Lesbian Bondage Sex Date

lesbian bondage cuddling

There’s a 1985 California Star bondage video called Tourist Trap that features two “girl reporters” who snoop where they don’t belong and fall afoul of a bunch of South American revolutionaries. Since this was the 1980s, the bondage sex was mostly implied, but it’s made quite clear that the extremely thorough interrogations the ladies are subjected to involve all of the most old-fashioned and brutally-traditional methods for interrogating women.

lesbian bondage kissing

Accordingly the bulk of the video plot is focused on the stripping, whipping, and menacing of these lovely victims, who spend most of their screen time tied in sexually vulnerable positions, being abused in various erotic ways by heavily-armed hooded men in camouflage and combat boots. It’s a good video! I saw it as a young man, a few years after it came out, and I don’t mind saying it made quite an impression on me.

lesbian bondage titty licking

However, like any video in those years, it needed a variety of scenes to bulk out the running time to something close to an hour. And one of the scenes I considered “filler” at the time — because I was so “firmly” focused on the M/f content — was a lesbian bondage sex subplot between the two helpless captives.

bondage lesbians

The backstory for the video makes it clear that the women were roommates and “girlfriends” before their capture. Thus when the bad guys tie them together and force them to make out at gunpoint, it’s far from clear that this is an unwelcome activity. There’s some reluctance, sure. But they get over it very quickly!

lesbian bondage sex date

Moreover, in a later scene when they are left, securely tied, in an unsupervised basement, they immediately resume their lesbian makeout session, despite the difficulties inherent in the stringent bondage in which they find themselves. And this time there’s a lot more enthusiasm on display!

lesbian bondage kissing scene

Looking at all this from my perspective here in 2019, I’ve got to say that getting caught by South American militarists seems like a lot of effort and trouble just to go to, just to get yourself a hot bondage sex date. It seems like it would be easier and safer just to hook up with somebody on AdultFriendFinder, honestly. But this was the 1980s; there wasn’t even an internet, much less anything like a kink-friendly dating site. (There were some “adult contact” classified advertising magazines, but they were slow, and heavily focused on helping married swingers find each other.)

lesbian bondage sex

And anyway, the implication in the video is that these ladies were already lesbian lovers before they went and got themselves captured and tied up. But maybe they hadn’t taken their relationship to a kinky place? That would explain their enthusiasm when they are “made to do it” by their captors!

kissing her lesbian girlfriend in bondage

Be that as it may. Porn videos, then as now, don’t tend to answer these detailed questions about the backstories of their characters. It’s up to us to fill in the details with imagination and fantasy. I choose to believe that the stringent bondage and perilous predicament brought an element of spice to their relationship beyond anything they ever imagined back in their New York City apartment. And the detailed photographic evidence (thanks, Cal-Star!) backs me up, or so it seems to me.

sex dating apps banner

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Slave Pole Celebration

Dancing around the maypole is an ancient fertility rite, said to be a lot of fun. But if you’re short on enthusiastic celebrants, you can always substitute slaves:

four slave women chained to the May pole

Photo is from the old Luvbight.com site.

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