Kink Unlimited Valentine’s Sale 2019

kink unlimited valentines day sale banner 2019

There was very little fanfare or announcement this year for the Kink Unlimited Valentine’s sale. Affiliates didn’t even get a heads up before the sale began to run. So there’s no word to share on how long the sale will go; it might end in less than 48 hours when Valentine’s Day is over or it might run through the weekend. Thus if you want in on these 40%-55% discounts, I would advise you act fast, rather than waiting.

As usual, the best deal is when you buy and prepay for a year. That gets your monthly cost down to less than eleven bucks.

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Orientalist Bondage: Harem Art By Eisenhut

About eleven years ago I posted little cropped versions of two delightfully ridiculous Orientalist harem bondage art scenes from the 19th century, painted by Ferencz-Franz Eisenhut. Both paintings feature wooden bondage stocks, although in one case, the stocks are merely lying unused as set dressing in the foreground.

Back then, I couldn’t find large nice versions of the paintings. I asked readers for links, and though it took almost five years, y’all came through. Click these uncropped small versions for the humongous high-resolution examples:

orientalist bondage art painting Before Punishment: two naked harem slaves locked in wooden stocks waiting for falaka foot caning punishment

The art above is called Before Punishment and shows two nude harem slaves locked in wooden foot stocks secured with a padlock. The punishment, it suits me to imagine, will perhaps be the infamous foot caning sometimes known as falaka or bastinado.

The Orientalist bondage art below is called The Pasha’s Concubine and the woman featured in it is dressed in considerable finery. But her wrists are bound and she languishes under guard on a luxurious pallet. More severe bondage is, for her, a threat that’s literally not far away. Heavy wooden stocks can be seen in the foreground of the painting, less than a body-length from where she lies:

orientalist bondage art: The Pasha's Concubine with chained wrists

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Prison Sex Party

The prison riot is going pretty well, actually. Nobody’s actually escaped — the walls are too thick, the bars are too heavy — but it turns out the warden was pretty comfortable. That rascal had a little love nest behind his office, with a wine cellar and a live-in mistress. She’s not too thrilled to be the star attraction at a prison sex party, though:

two prisoners have a bottle of wine and are fucking a woman tied to a radiator

Art credit: the cover of Sbarre #12.

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Endless Bondage Orgasms For Mona Wales

At least for as long as the batteries in that powerful cordless wand vibrator hold out, Mona Wales is going to be enduring (enjoying) endless orgasms. Unless she can escape from that tight rope bondage?

mona wales suffers endless orgasms until her powerful wand vibrator goes dead ... and that could be hours!

Nobody ever died of too many orgasms, but we’ve seen a model or two who eventually began to look a mite worn out

Photo credit goes to Struggling in Bondage: Mona Wales — a Filth Syndicate shoot available with your Kink Unlimited membership.

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Packing Crate Bondage: Casablanca Bound

White slavery? In Casablanca? I’m shocked, shocked! But it looks like our girl in the packing crate is likely to survive her bondage shipping ordeal, because she has been very carefully packed:

packing crate bondage for a white slavegirl being carefully shipped to Casablanca

We’ve certainly seen less care taken with crates and shipping boxes in the past, here on Bondage Blog.

This illustration comes from an old Kitan Club magazine.

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The Reluctant Anal Tourist

She could have been nice about it. She could have just said “no” — politely — when he asked her about anal play. He would have respected that. But instead, she said a lot of bitchy shit about filthy anal perverts, and how her perfect bottom would forever be a foreign country to them. The consequence of her trashy mouth is that she’s about to become a reluctant anal tourist. Her never-touched anus is getting a visitor, and it looks as if they’re going on the hardship wilderness adventure tour together, not the the beach/spa vacation:

pretty girl who talked smack about anal perverts is about to get a huge dildo shoved up her ass followed by anal sex in bondage

Art credit: Chibiabos.

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Desert Tank War Captive

Certain things about desert warfare never change. Mobile warriors may upgrade their rides from camels to tanks, but there’s always time to stop and take a pretty war captive:

Arab or Bedouin warrior takes a pretty harem slave captive in an exciting pulp magazine tank battle

Artwork found on the cover of Helga #17.

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