Bound By Two Men

She doesn’t look very happy about having been stripped by two men who are now tying her wrists to her thighs. Of course there’s only one reason for doing that:

two men tie up an angry struggling naked woman

Art is by Hugdebert. I believe it’s a panel from an erotic graphic novel called The Akrynos.

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Dame Handcuffed To A Light Pole

This cop has got to be wondering why the dame is handcuffed to a utility pole when he didn’t handcuff her!

Cop getting out of his car to investigate why some dame is handcuffed to a light pole

The artwork is said to be by pulp artist Al Rossi for the March 1957 issue of True Adventures magazine.

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Their Retro Bondage Date

clothesline bondage for a retro bondage date

I pulled this photo set out of my old Usenet download directories recently. It seems to document a retro bondage dating experience from the pre-internet era. Despite the primitive state of their BDSM gear — all they’ve got is cotton clothesline and a leather strap that’s part of some sort of makeshift gag — they look like they are having an enjoyable evening!

bent over a rumpus-room mattress on her bondage date

I like how our pretty bondage girl wore her chosen-to-be-seen shiny polyester-silk granny-panties with the floral pattern. Those bloomers protect all the modesty; even back then, college girls were routinely wearing more revealing sportswear to class. These are panties-as-outerwear for a bondage play session. But she’s no prude, because by the time these photos were taken, she’d already let her bondage date take her top and bra off so he could tie up her breasts and play with her nipples. Like I said, a fun bondage date!

Of course, the best bondage dates involve bondage sex, and these photos date from the time when the conventional wisdom was that you couldn’t show that sort of thing on the internet. But you could sure as hell hint at it! That means showing a progressive series of ties with less and less rope:

spanking on a bondage date

In the photo above, it’s clear that a lot of fun was had, and much time was spent, getting rid of all the old ropes and stripping her out of her pantyhose and those floral granny panties. Now the rope ties are a lot simpler: just tightly tied wrists, and an ankles-and-knees tie that will allow sexual teasing before being easily removable in a hurry when they decide (he decides!) that it’s time to start making the mattress bounce and squeak.

But nobody is in a hurry! Having gotten rid of those amazing panties, he’s obviously gonna take plenty of time to squeeze and spank her bottom. It’s not like she’s going anywhere.

bondage date butt squeezing

More spanking. More squeezing. Perhaps a bit of fondling. Her knees are probably tied too tightly together for him to menace her virtue all that seriously, but his fingers can certainly explore it pretty significantly! I imagine they probably do.

thrown on a mattress for the best part of the bondage date

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! He’s picked her up and put her on the bed. If he’s a gentleman, he placed her there fairly gently. If he’s a cad, he flung her there with some vigor, and chortled while she bounced. Either way, he’ll be joining her shortly. I expect he’ll be taking that rope tie off her ankles and knees without much delay. Equally, I think it may be quite some time before she can hope to have her wrists freed. She may have to earn it!

free bondage dating banner

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Inexpensive Girl Storage — In Nets!

When you are an humble fishing people, you can’t afford dungeons, prison cells, iron shackles, chains, or any of those other expensive trappings of noble slave keepers. If you’ve got a surplus of girls who are prone to running away in the night, you’ve got to keep them close using the cheap stuff that you’ve got a lot of: rope, bamboo, and fishing nets!

girl storage in nets

Art is from Kitan Club.

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Wide Eyed Nipple-Torture Victim

When she got those nipple piercings, she never imagined they’d be used against her like that!

gagged redhead endures nipple torture

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Stranger Danger Bondage Buttsex

This artwork of an anal ravishment (with the embellishment of a large pussy dildo) by a man who does not wish to be recognized later is by Alan Davis:

stranger danger anal bondage sex

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Whipped And Leashed Anime Girl

Her leash looks like a thin wire cable, but since she couldn’t chew through it, she had no way to escape the whip!

leashed naked and whipped

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