Leashed Pet

One of the 21st-century developments that I appreciate is the increasingly-liberal policy toward pets that many hotels have adopted. It’s very convenient when you travel with a leashed puppygirl:

corseted blonde on a chain leash crawls across a hotel room on her knees

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She’s In My Van

From @grudajr on TikTok, who is the king of cruddy old vans:

Overlay caption reads “She may be in your DMs, but she’s in the back of my van.” There’s much to be said for having your hands firmly wrapped around the object of your affections!

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DPed And Creampied By Goblins

The chains around her wrists (and the tears running down her face) suggest to us that this blonde elf chick didn’t precisely sign up for the goblin sex vacation that she’s getting, but nevertheless it does appear that she’ll be on the cruise for quite some little while:

double penetration with bondage sex and fresh hot creampies for a blonde elf woman captured by horny goblins

Artwork is by Tinkerbomb.

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Sexploitation Bondage

I have previously posted a version of this gritty bondage photo from the 1968 sexploitation/roughie movie Ruined:

woman tied face down on an iron bed and showing an angry terrified expression

However, at that time I didn’t have this uncropped larger version of the photo with the pulp movie poster style headline and caption.

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Romantic Dinner, With Slavegirl

What do you do when you want to have a romantic candlelight dinner with your slave girl, but she’s been bitchy for a solid week and has lost all of her clothing and tableware privileges? Well, you improvise and make do, that’s what:

blonde slavegirl kneels under the table naked eating food out of her dog bowl while her master sits and eats a fine dinner with wine and candlelight on the tabletop above her head

Photo is from the Consensual Slave website that’s been defunct since 2013.

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His Bondage Package

He’s got her trussed up like a Christmas turkey and if the grin on his face is any evidence, he plans to stuff her like one, too:

woman tied up in a ball with her pussy and asshole ready for bondage sex

Artwork is by the legendary Coco. Notwithstanding the 1999 date on this particular piece of art, Coco is still working and has a Patreon.

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Double Bondage Blowjob

This blowjob from two bondage slaves is perhaps from a defunct-since-2008 website called Reaper’s Bondage:

blonde and brunette bondage slaves suck the same cock

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