Catgirl On A Rope

The only thing better than a pet catgirl is a pet catgirl in shackles on a rope leash:

bondage catgirl on a rope leash

From Kitan Club.

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Pillory Fucking: The Bondage Version Of Speed Dating

public taste taste

The “public use” fantasy in which a helpless woman is left tied and exposed for sex in a public place is a long-time fantasy staple, especially in the realm of hentai anime and manga fan art. Illustrations like the one above are scattered throughout the Bondage Blog archives, because I enjoy bondage sex and public humiliation themes. (Oh, really?) It doesn’t hurt that characters featured are often heroines drawn from throughout the realms of games, movies, and comics of every kind, so they are usually powerful, beautiful, and, not infrequently, pissed-off!

A common sub-genre of the public use fantasy is the idea of pillory fucking. Riffing on the real-world-historical punishment of public confinement in the pillory or stocks, many fantasy artists have “gone there” by exploring the enormous potential of pillories as bondage sex furniture, in settings both public and private. For some reason, when I saw the following dungeon pillory-fucking art, the irreverent notion struck me that pillory sex is basically just the extremely one-sided bondage equivalent of speed dating:

hapless prisoner is chained and locked in a basement sex pillory while hooded men visit to fuck her one after another

Of course, the truth of the matter is that actual bondage dating is somewhat slower and more laborious than regular dating as conducted by vanilla people. Even with modern internet assistance, it’s harder to find both a fetish connection and your desired romantic chemistry at the same time. Everyone who has ever suffered prolonged frustration with the fetish dating process may understand the fantasy of having access to (or being) a fully-objectified publicly available bondage sex amenity. No looking, no negotiating, just walk up to the platform in the middle of the town square and jam what ya got into an available hole:

medieval punishment pillory sex in the public square

Of course, it’s impossible to make artwork like this without setting it in a backstory, and if you’re viewing it without knowing the backstory, it’s impossible not to speculate about what the backstory might be. One common observation is that women (or, let’s be realistic here, anybody) finding themselves stuck in this situation are going to be kept pretty busy, front and back, without a whole lot of free time to anguish over their bad luck or poor choices or whatever malevolent turns of fate put them there:

multiple pillory sex girls are the stars of a public orgy

On the other hand, check out the fancy business attire on not only the woman stuck in this open-air sex pillory, but on the man who is enjoying her:

businesswoman fucked in the public pillory

It’s hard to escape the implication that he’s someone who knows her, isn’t it? A co-worker, perhaps a subordinate from before she was convicted of embezzlement… so many possibilities!

xbondage banner

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Daria Torturing Jane With Pizza!

This is just cruel: how is Jane supposed to eat the pizza Daria is holding under her nose when she’s all tied up and has duct tape over her mouth?

daria and jane bondage and pizza

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Self-Propelled All-Terrain Mobile Pussy

A purist might insist that this bondage pussy vehicle is the solution to a problem that does not really exist. After all, pussies don’t usually need wheels; most of them already come with a mobility system that can be trained to go wherever they are needed. But you have to admit this looks like fun anyway:

six wheeled bondage pussy vehicle

Artwork is by Simon Benson.

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Bondage Propaganda From WWI

This bondage propaganda cartoon from World War One appeared in the New York Evening World and was captioned “Held For Ransom”:

bondage propaganda from WWI - America tied to a tree while the kaiser points a gun at her

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A Very Medical Enema Blowjob

Look, you can medicalize your fetish all you want, but I don’t care how many uniformed nurses and learned doctors from Vienna you trot out. Put her in chains and make her give you a blowjob while the clyster is literally lodged up her ass, and your enema scene is a BDSM thing, not a medical procedure:

enema blowjob bondage scene

Artwork is by Georges Pichard.

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Maid Punished And Tied

I don’t know what this cute maid did to deserve all this, but it looks as if she was whipped rather soundly, and now she’s been tied to wait for further disposition:

punished bondage maid

The artist is Kiriyama Taichi.

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