Kink Unlimited Memorial Day Sale 2019

Kink Unlimited memorial day sale

This requires very little fanfare. Now through Thursday May 30th, you can get three months for the price of one, or several other very good bargains when you join Kink Unlimited during their Memorial Day Sale. You know what to do!

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Blindfolded Bondage Blowjob

She’ll never know who stripped and tied her and put her on her knees:

naked blondfolded woman forced to give a blowjob

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Stocks And Bonds Of Matrimony

It’s traditional to speak of the “bonds of matrimony” but in the case of these newlyweds, the bonds look more like stocks to me:

matrimonial bondage

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The Industrial Tickle Machine

When you’ve got too many slaves to tickle them all, you’ve got to resort to industrial assembly-line methods:

machine for tickling five girls at a time

From Kitan Club.

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POW Sex Slaves

What we have here looks like a total breakdown in military discipline. It’s hard on civilians when that happens:

naked women captured by grim soldiers

Via Kinky Delight.

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Bondage Bottle Insertion

Back when porn Tumblrs were still a thing, there was one Brit who ran an anal blog called “She does not like it up her.” It featured anal porn and unhappy faces — a piquant combination for anybody with a touch of sadism in their soul! This bondage bottle insertion scene by Joseph Farrel reminds me a lot of that blog:

bondage bottle insertion in front of a happy jeering crowd

I wonder at the scenario, and all the happy intently-watching faces. Did she lose a bet?

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Hogtied On A Table

This graphic novel panel of a lithe beauty hogtied on a table is by Milo Manara:

getting hogtied on a table

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