“I’d Rather Fuck A Fleshlight”

I’m not usually into humiliation in my own BDSM play, but one of the funniest and most real amateur porn scenes I ever saw was an extended humiliation bit with a bratty blonde sub who seemed very sure of her sexual charms. The quality of the recording wasn’t awesome — it was shot with a fixed camera on a tripod, and the angle wasn’t great — but the lighting was good and the audio was excellent. Trust me, the audio was the most important part!

So this girl was all over our dom as the scene started, oozing sex and draping herself on him as he was trying to get her undressed and tied up. He smacked her around a bit with a riding crop, just very lightly in that performative way that you often see in porn, but she was more into grabbing at his dick and cutting sexy poses than into doing what he was telling her. He wasn’t coming across as the sort of scary dom who really commands respect, you know? Or so it seemed at first. He just played along, did a sort of service-top thing, let her vamp. Finally, though, he got her on her back on his play table, hands tied well out of the way, legs tied well up over her head, pussy sticking up and out. Her cunt was one of those fat puffy ones, shaved and oiled and juicy, and she was kinda waving it around and thrusting it at him, like she wanted to skip right to the bondage sex part of the program.

I’m a sadist and you could tell she wasn’t really into the pain side of the game. So, for me (and I think for her dom) her “please me” attitude had already gotten old. I was hoping he’d pull out a cane or a serious whip and really lay into her pussy, make her scream for awhile and re-evaluate her attitude. But oh no, that was totally Not His Way.

Instead he pulled out a big vibrator and started buzzing her pretty hard. In no time she was begging him “Fuck me, fuck me” and acting like she was going to cum, but he was not there for her. I think he was going for an edge scene, so to deny her an instant orgasm he put a little toothed clamp on her clit, and then went back to buzzing her pussy. She obviously hated the clamp but that big powerful vibrator won out, and it wasn’t long before she was begging him again, arching her back and screaming and throwing herself all over against her restraints.

He pressed on — he had her tied pretty well — and let her thrash for quite awhile, until her begging got pretty breathless. Then he finally put down the vibrator and turned it off. You could see the relief on her face, as she was staring hungrily at his dick.

Then without saying a word he took out one of these. He walked up right beside her face where she can have a nice close view, jammed his dick into it, and started to fuck it.

That’s right, boys, he left her whimpering with a clamp on her clit and fucked a Fleshlight instead. Right by her face.

She cycled through half a dozen different whines and complaints before it finally occurred to her to ask him “…but baby, why?”

And damn me if he didn’t tell her! The Fleshlight, he told her, was firmer, tighter, cleaner, and smelled better than her pussy. The Fleshlight, he said, had never had any other dicks in it but his. The Fleshlight never would have another dick in it but his. The Fleshlight was pretter than her pussy. The Fleshlight was cheaper. The Fleshlight was smarter. On and on and on. He never stopped talking, he never stopped pounding into that Fleshlight, and he never stopped telling her how she was worth less in every way than the sex toy that he was pounding into six inches in front of her eyes. As she heard all this her face just fell and fell and fell. By the time he came, she was in tears. Her whole “I am an irresistible sex-bunny” schtick was utterly destroyed. After he was done, he showed her the Fleshlight with his stuff oozing out, and he asked her if she still wanted to beg him for anything. She thought about it, started to say “no”, and then you could see her realize that might be a mistake. Instead she said, very low and quiet, “Yes, Master. May I please lick you out of your toy?”

He said she could. While she was doing it, he turned off the camera.

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Pretty Jailer Caught And Mussed

This pretty jailer still has her stick, but she looks like she’s been caught on the wrong side of the bars and disheveled by her inmates:

pretty jailer behind bars

From the cover of a “special prison issue” that Hustler ran in the early 1980s.

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Tied To A Leather Chair

From the terrible quality of the bondage, this photo probably comes from a vintage porn magazine:

pretty girl badly tied to a leather office chair

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Puppy Girl Date Night

Kinky Delight says it’s date night for the girl in the bitch suit, and I think it may be so: with her gag/muzzle/snout removed, there’s going to be some serious master-blowjobs later. But given the bells and ribbons, the other possibility is that it’s Christmas, and the fingering is her present:

a rare orgasm for the puppygirl in the bitch suit

Artwork is by The Veterinarian, of course.

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Forcibly Shaved Female Inmate

First they shaved her head, then they shaved her pussy. They said it was for her own protection against parasites in the county jail, but she knew it was just to humiliate her:

handcuffed woman with a bald head being held down by a cop while a female jailer shaves her pussy

From the February 1978 Hustler magazine, back when Larry Flynt was still trying really hard to shock people.

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Bondage Blonde: Nipple Inspection

Even though this artwork comes from the cover of an Italian horror pulp, I can’t help thinking the style is heavily inspired by Bob Bishop:

asshole with a knife closely inspecting the nipples of a tied blonde

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Spicy Bondage Enema

Just how much pepper sauce can one bottom hold? Our wide-eyed enema victim is finding out:

bondage enema, with hot sauce up her pooper

Artwork is by artist XA, via Figging.com.

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