Fifty Free Kinks

[Tuesday hangover update: Too late! Promotion is over. But having porn subscriptions is still awesome.]

If you ever had any notion to subscribe to one of’s many sites, now is the time. Today only, is running its special Cyber Monday promotion. With any subscription on Monday December 1st 2014, they will give you fifty Kinks, which is the internal currency used to buy access to shoots from all of its sites via Kink On Demand. A Kink is roughly a dollar, depending on how many you normally buy, so this is like getting fifty bucks of additional free porn with your subscription.

As an additional part of the Cyber Monday promotion, they are randomly awarding VIP Access (which is like a free pass to all of’s sites) to some of the new subscribers. But there’s no word on how many lucky winners there will be or how long the VIP access will last.

two bondage sex slave girls from Sex and Submission

If you have never before purchased a subscription to a porn site, let me tell you why it’s better than surfing blogs or tumblers. Most of the sites update pretty often (weekly is common) so if you pick a site you like, you can be pretty sure that when you log in, you’ll be looking at genuinely new porn that you’ve never seen before, of exactly the kind you like. The convenience of a fast fap with guaranteed novelty grows on you. It’s really quite a luxury, even in a world where any fool can easily hunt down “free” porn. You should try it sometime! And when better than now?

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4 comments on “Fifty Free Kinks”:

anon commented on December 1st, 2014 at 8:42 am:

Any advice on how to choose a site to which I should subscribe?

Rope Guy commented on December 1st, 2014 at 3:10 pm:

Well, it sorta depends on what you’re into. There’s a good list with capsule descriptions at Kink Sites, though it’s a bit stale and doesn’t reflect the several newest sites like Dungeon Sex (bondage fucking, less pain infliction) and Sadistic Rope (rope bondage and forced orgasms).

Pat Powers commented on December 7th, 2014 at 12:03 am:

It’s not just the guaranteed novelty, I subscribed to Hogtied and Sex and for years, only leaving because at one time they got very sloppy about the gags (didn’t use them nearly often enough, or long enough in the videos that had them, I thought — they’ve since done a lot better to judge by the samples of their videos). But point is, when I had access to I had access to a LOT more videos than I ever had before. And Sex and was really the first US site to do sexual bondage right, with women actually naked and thoroughly tied up and getting fucked, instead of mild whipping and lesbian sex. This was something no one else in the US was really doing except for ZFX, and their stuff was a lot darker in tone than Sex and Submission, which was really just good sexual bondage and sexual bondage RP caught on film. Too dark for me, really.

Point is, with subscriptions you get all of the videos and the stills of each shoot they do, and that’s a lot more than the bits that get handed out as samples. It’s a great deal if you can afford it. Sadly, I can’t right now, but that may change soon, and I will definitely resubscribe when I can afford to.

Rope Guy commented on December 7th, 2014 at 10:09 am:

Thanks, Pat. I agree with you on all points, even on the part about ZFX being a bit too dark for my taste (although they do have some special moments.) It also looks to my eye as if the ZFX people “fake” some of their bondage sex using dildos and dildo harnesses, perhaps for legal reasons or perhaps because their male talent doesn’t have the (fairly rare) ability to stay hard in front of a camera. However I’ve mostly seen their oldest stuff, and it’s been awhile; I could be wrong.

But you are so right about the sheer volume of stuff available via a subscription to any of the bigger BDSM sites. For all that piracy has done to this industry, the member areas still have a whole lot of stuff that isn’t “out there” in the wild, at least where anybody but the most dedicated pirate can find it.

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