Piss Gag

I’d say the Oxballs Urinal Piss Gag isn’t so much a piss gag as it is a complete oral urine distribution system:

piss gag

The wide selection of inserts makes this a highly versatile toy for irrigating your slave’s digestive tract with pee:

The Urinal Piss Gag from OxBalls is an innovative new BDSM sex toy that will bring joy and new adventures to even the most seasoned water sports and golden shower enthusiasts. Made from soft flexible black platinum cure silicone and top quality neoprene, this gag will transform the face and mouth into a fully functioning piss trough.

The Urinal Piss Gag comes with a removable yellow silicone tube gag and can be replaced with one of 3 other piss gag inserts, sold separately. There are three different yellow inserts made of pure silicone that bring even more fun and some extra variety to your piss gag water-sports and playtime.

Tongue Supressor

The Tongue Supressor insert flattens the wearer’s tongue and makes sure the flow of piss keeps going. With this one there is no clamping down or breaks, so we recommend it for experts, veterans, and piss drinking enthusiasts.

Ball Gag

The Ball Gag insert is bigger, fatter, and fills the mouth. The wearer can still clamp down to stop the flow if they need a break, or when their thirst has been quenched.

Short Tube

The Short Tube insert is smaller, shorter, and easier to wear. This insert is perfect for beginners and those still in training. The wearer can clamp down to stop the flow if they need a break, or when their thirst is quenched.

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One comment on “Piss Gag”:

addictedto this urinal gag commented on July 9th, 2015 at 1:51 pm:

this oxball urinal gag is so hot id love to wear 1 with a bunch of guys who have full bladders mmmmmmmmmmmm…love to see 1 in action to see how good it works 1st

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